Grushnak Pride

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ToME Version: 1.7.4
Grushnak Pride
Guardian Grushnak
Floors 3
Level Range 35 to 60
Item Level Range 4 to 5
Size 40x40
Zone Effect +20 defense, +20 all Saves,

-20 spell power

Zone Specific Information

The zone is the barracks for the Grushnak orcs. The Grushnaks are hard-hitting physical fighters, and you will want some seriously good defenses.

Each floor is composed of rectangular rooms, which are joined by doors on their edges. Some rooms contain 1-2 rows of training dummies in their centre (arranged along the long axis of the room). These training dummies are terrain which blocks movement but not vision or projectiles. The rooms with training dummies also contain extra enemies: a Combat Trainer random unique orc with 1 class (either Berserker or Bulwark), and 3-8 Orc Elite Berserkers or Fighters (same type as the trainer).

The third floor also contains a slime pit area with trees, connected to the barracks by a pair of tunnels. Slime enemies spawn in this area, including a random boss slime with Oozemancer as its 1 class. The slime pit contains the entrance to the Slime Tunnels.

The boss is Grushnak, Battlemaster of the Pride, on the third floor. Defeating him will earn you the Orb of Destruction, which grants +6 strength when carried.

There is a set of collapsing stairs on each floor, leading to a vault. Each set of stairs has an 78% chance of leading to a random greater vault. With 22% chance, if it hasn't appeared already, it leads to the unique Grushnak Armory vault. These stairs allow 2-4 level changes before they fully collapse; before that happens, the name of the level will change to "nearly collapsed hidden vault".

Zone Specific Artifacts

Orb of Destruction (Orb of Command)