Hymn of detection (talent)

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Hymn of Detection
Hymn of detection.png
Game Version -
Category Type Celestial
Category Hymns
Requirements Level (4,5,6,7,8) Magic (20,22,24,26,28)
Use Mode Sustained
Cost 20 Negative
Range Melee/Personal
Cooldown 12
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Instant
Description Chant the glory of the Moon, granting you infravision up to 6–10cTS grids, stealth detection (+2–15cTS power), and invisibility detection (+2–35cTS power).

In addition, this talent surrounds you with a shield of shadows, dealing [5]25cTSpD darkness damage to anything that attacks you.

You may only have one Hymn active at once.

The stealth and invisibility detection, as well as the on-hit damage, will increase with your Spellpower.