Infinite Dungeon Challenge

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Infinite Dungeon Challenge are randomly generated quests that might occur on each floor of the Infinite Dungeon during the Infinite Dungeon: The Neverending Descent campaign. As you cannot go back up floors in the Infinite Dungeon, each quest ends when you leave the floor, completing quests that complete on level exit and failing otherwise.

Random Objectives

  • Exterminator: Kill all enemies in the floor. This includes enemies in vaults, and sometimes requires digging in order to find enemies like Xorn which spawned inside walls. Effects like Track can help a lot for finding enemies inside walls or teleporting around areas you have already explored.
  • Pacifist: Find an exit and exit the floor without killing any enemies. This gives two random rewards (possibly the same option twice), as it is often the most risky of these quests.
  • Nearsighted: If accepted, your base sight range will be reduced from 10 to 3 until you leave the floor, at which point the quest completes. Sight radius is separate from light radius, so having a higher light radius will not help with this, though increases to sight radius will.
  • Multiplicity: if accepted, all monsters (including bosses) gain the ability to multiply themselves up to three times, and you must survive for at least X turns before exiting the floor, at which point the quest completes.
  • Mirror Match: If accepted, you need to find and interact with mirror match challenge (an NPC copy of you who is invulnerable and sometimes invisible until interacted with). Like the clone fight in the Shadow Crypt, the clone has all of your abilities, and will equip what the AI thinks are the best items in your inventory.
  • Rush Hour: An exit to the floor is revealed, and you must exit the level before a timer ticks down (duration based on distance). Any exit will work, not just the revealed one.
  • Dream Hunter: Find and kill a random-unique Dreaming Horror.
  • Headhunter: Find and kill X "Spawn of Urh'Rok" demons before killing any other elite or rarer enemy. The target enemies will be rare or unique and named "[Name] the Spawn of Urh'Rok"

Random Rewards

  • Randomly generated artifact
  • 3 Stat points
  • 1 Class Point
  • 1 Generic Point
  • 1 Category point (rare)
  • 1 Prodigy Point (extremely rare)

Current Bugs

  • Effects that create clones of the player character such as some Temporal Warden abilities can cause these quests to glitch out. Notably, "leave the level" quests like Pacifist complete early, and Exterminator stops tracking enemies and cannot be completed.
  • Having a summon present when exiting the floor can cause the Pacifist quest to fail.