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There are a number of Interface Styles that the player can choose between. These change the visual style of the game.

These are not the same as the HUD Styles (Minimalist (the default) and Classic), which make more drastic and functional changes to the interface.

After changing interface style, the game must be restarted for the change to take effect. Moving between the main menu and in-game also counts as a restart for this (e.g. starting a new game, or exiting from the game back to the main menu).

Interface styles added by DLC cannot be chosen on the main menu. They must be chosen in-game. But they will affect the main menu once chosen.

List of Interface Styles

Base Game

  • Dark (the default)
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Simple (takes less screen space)

Added by Embers of Rage

  • SteamTech

Purchasable as Microtransactions

  • Plumpkins & Spectre (UI Pack). Contains:
    • Plumpkin (2 variants)
    • Spectre (2 variants)