Neira's Memory

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Neira's Memory
Un-ID'ed name crackling belt
Type Belt
Power source Arcane
Requirement -
Rarity Level range Cost Tier
200 20-30 450 3
Combat statistics
Base Power Uses Stat Damage Type APR Critical Armor Defense Fatigue
- - - - - - - -
Damage On Hit Changes Damage Damage Conversion Damage When Wearer Hit
- - - -
Movement Speed Maximum Encumbrance Maximum Life Healing Mod
- - - -
Changes Resistances Changes Resistances Penetration
- -
Changes Immunities +30% Confusion, + 30% Stun/Freeze
Changes Stats +2 Cunning, +5 Willpower
Abilities +3.00 Mana when firing critical spell

Use to surround yourself with a magical shield (strength based on Magic) for 10 turns, costing 20 power out of 20

Description Ages ago this belt was worn by Linaniil herself in her youth, using its power she shielded herself from the Spellblaze rain of fire, but naught could she do for her sister Neira.