Nikolas, the Dwarven Paddlestriker

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Nikolas, the Dwarven Paddlestriker
Humanoid dwarf dwarven paddlestriker.png
Game Version: 1.7.4
Location Level range
Santascape 15+
You wanted presents? But you have been very very bad!

You do not get presents, you get punishments!

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
25 10 35 10 20 8
Stat Progress
str++ dex+
Spanking (3+)

2 random infusions
  • Life: 911 +
  • 0 armour, 0 defense
  • 10 infravision
  • 100% immune to instant death and stuns
  • Can move others
  • 35 APR

Nikolas is the guardian of the Santascape, who has gone mad. He is encountered in the middle of the third level. There are also 9 snowmen on the third level.

When he is first hit, the player learns the lore Santascape: Paddlestriker.

When he dies, the exit portal appears, and his snowmen disappear (along with any other character on the level who isn't part of the player's party). Then two elves (one red and one green) will appear, who were captured by Nikolas but freed when the player killed him. They will thank the player by each giving them an artifact as a reward. The player will receive the achievement Merry wintertide! for freeing the little helper elves.

The player will receive the achievement Santassacre! if they kill both little helper elves after freeing them.