Orc breeding pits

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Orc breeding pits
Guardian Greatmother
Floors 5
Level Range 30 to 60
Item Level Range 4 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none
ToME Version: 1.4.3

Zone Information

This was a zone in the Far East where the Orc Greatmother was used to breed the rank and file orcs.

The zone was added in version beta22. At the end of 2013, a heated discussion occurred on ToME forums about the Orc Breeding Pit zone. Players complained that the nature of the zone was not family-friendly. It was claimed the zone had content that was either sexual and/or disturbing, and off-putting to players who otherwise liked the game. The forum thread can be read in entirety here.

The Orc Breeding Pits were silently removed from the game on January 10, 2014, with the version 1.1.5 release. It is still possible to play the Breeding Pits through addons which restore the functionality. The most current version as of this writing can be found here, last known to work correctly for version 1.2.3.