Outpost Leader John

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Outpost Leader John
Humanoid human outpost leader john.png
Game Version: Embers of Rage 1.1.10
Location Level range
Sunwall Outpost 10+
This warrior's armor glows with a bright golden light.

He wields an ornate sword and shield, and marches towards you with confidence.

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
20 8 16 6 10 10
Stat Progress
mag++ wil+ str++ dex+
Heavy Armour Training (4-5)
Combat Accuracy (1-5)
Weapons Mastery (1-5)
Shield Pummel (1-8)
Chant of Fortress (1-5)
Searing Light (1-8)
Weapon of Light (2-9)
Healing Light (1-5)
Solar Orb (1-5)
Astral Path (4-9)
  • Life: 522 +
  • 3 positive energy regen, 3 negative energy regen
  • 6 armour, 8 defense
  • Wields a longsword and shield, and wears heavy armour

Outpost Leader John is, as the name suggests, the leader of the Sunwall Outpost guarding the bridge between the Clork Peninsula and the Var'Eyal mainland. He must be defeated to complete the quest You Shall Pass! (If the quest has not been started yet, it will be started and then completed.)

Defeating Outpost Leader John with any two different Tinker classes will unlock the ability to play Tinker classes outside of the Embers of Rage campaign, as well as the Lost Tinker escort.


  • Sunstone (50% chance)
    • If not, a random unique item
  • Lore: "a torn page from John's journal"
  • 1 item (20% chance)
  • Money (10% chance)