Palace of Fumes

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Embers of Rage Version: 1.1.10
Palace of Fumes
Guardian Council Members
Floors 6
Level Range 40 to 45
Item Level Range 5 to 5
Size 70x70
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

This is the semi-final location of the game. On the 5th floor there is a phonograph player, which will give you interesting lore if you collected the black disks from G.E.M.

The bosses of the zone are the Council Members on the 6th floor:

The entry stairway on the 6th floor is sheltered from view of the bosses by doors, giving the player an opportunity to better prepare for the fight. It is possible to dig out the walls nearby to construct favorable terrain for example.

Only Tormak and Nashal will initially be present in the council room. Each time one of the council members is eliminated, another one will enter from the south end of the room. It can thus be helpful to fight the council members closer to the stairways, so that newly spawning ones will not immediately start attacking the player. When Tantalos finally enters the council room, he will be hostile to any remaining council member, so players can take advantage of this to bring him down faster.

Can contain AAAs.