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Permadeath determines whether your character's death is permanent, or just an irritating inconvenience.

There are 3 Permadeath settings in the game. From easiest to hardest, they are:

  • Exploration
  • Adventure
  • Roguelike

The combination of Difficulty and Permadeath settings that you choose affects which version of Achievements you get. See the Achievements page for details.


Exploration is infinite lives, and is only available if you are online and are marked as a donator on the server. Once you start your game (and save) you can play offline. Playing on Exploration does not prevent unlocking things.

Exploration mode allows full talent respec. This means that you can unlearn (take points out of) talents regardless of how long ago you put points into them. However, you still cannot unlearn talents that say "This talent can alter the world in a permanent way, as such you can never unlearn it once known."


This page is about the permadeath setting; for the bonus class, see Adventurer.

This is the default setting. You get up to 7 extra lives, gaining one at experience levels 1, 2, 5, 7, 14, 24, and 35. Dying (with extra lives still unused) sends you to the Eidolon Plane.


On Roguelike, when you die your game is over, unless you have alternate means of resurrection. "You *are* your character."