Primal Forest

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Embers of Rage Version: 1.1.10
Primal Forest
Guardian Crystallized Primal Root
Floors 2
Level Range 25 to 35
Item Level Range 3 to 3
Size 70x70
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

A forest-themed zone with some lore about the Menders, a successor to the Zigur faction. This is an optional zone outside the main plot of the Embers of Rage campaign.

The first level of this zone will spawn treants out of the trees from time to time, similar to the Sludgenest in the Age of Ascendancy campaign. Treants spawned in this manner do not provide XP, but can still drop loot. This can be useful if the player needs to farm for equipment or tinkering ingredients, since lone treants are usually much easier to handle than patrols on the world map. The level of the treant spawns will gradually increase over time.

The second level is in the canopy of a tree, where five Crystallized Primal Roots are spread out among the branches. These bosses drop the primal core ingredient, which is required for certain tinkering recipes. There are no obstructions to line of sight on this level, so players must be careful about drawing too much attention from enemies. The walls and empty space between the branches will allow projectiles and spells to travel over them, but will block movement and area of effect attacks.

Zone Specific Artifacts