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The following may be out of date.


Reavers are the only class that can wield a non-offhand melee weapon in the secondary hand.

Early game Reavers can be played like casters, using drain, virulent disease, and soul rot. Later on you'll want to de-level soul rot, max out corrupted strength and only use spells to trigger corrupted strength. Note that Rend, Acid Strike, and Dark Surprise are all spells, despite doing weapon base damage, triggering Reaving Combat.

None of the offensive spells in the Bone tree shine at doing damage, but this tree offers fantastic utility. Bone grab is an amazing spell that only takes 2 points of investment to shine, as the range goes up to 8. Bone Shield is one of the most potent defensive skills in the game, allowing you to completely ignore up to 6 instances of damage.

Reavers lack mobility making 1 or 2 movement infusions highly helpful.

Light tree is amazing on Reaver. Thanks to your most important ability, you don't waste turns when healing, shielding or "providencing" with spells.

Your worst enemy is worm that walks. When standing next to one DO NOT use spells that take a turn or you'll just attack them with corrupted strength, which will only heal them. Use wands, weapons of projection and other items if you can. Only use basic attacks if you have enough bone shields and hp, worms that walk have corrupted strength too and can deal incredible damage when they use it. Try to fight them in vaults, this will stop them from blindsiding you (teleport+attack) and keep a carrion worm between you and them to stop them from using other offensive abilities.