Santascape Gifts

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The Santascape Gifts are an online event that is sent out by the server around Christmas. They are available for a shorter time period than the Santascape zone.

The presents are sent to a different location depending on what campaign you are playing:

This event is not enabled in other campaigns (i.e. The Arena: Challenge of the Master, or addon campaigns).

There are 3 presents, called "Wrapped Gift of Nikolas". They are found on the ground and can be opened when you move onto them, like chests. The contents of the presents are as follows:

  • One contains a random unique item (a fixedart)
  • One contains a randomly-generated artifact (a randart)
  • One contains a prodigy point

Grassy terrain and foliage in the level with the presents will be visually changed, becoming winter-themed. In Last Hope and Kruk Pride, there will also be a Festive Tree.