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You can access the official ToME source code using Git. (Note: the official source repository was in Subversion until June 7, 2013.)


The Git repository is available at read-only to everyone.

In Linux/Unix, after installing Git:

git clone

This will create a directory named t-engine4 inside the current working directory.

If you need a Git client for Windows, you can download TortoiseGit or SourceTree.

Git Basics

A local Git repository is a complete mirror of the "origin" repository. It includes every revision of every file, all the commit messages, and so on.

If you're only going to retrieve changes from DarkGod's repository, and never make any changes of your own, then you can get by with the following commands:

  • Retrieve all new changes:
git fetch origin
  • Review the changes before applying them:
git log -p HEAD...origin
  • Apply the changes to your local working directory:
git merge origin

Git (Mirror)

The original Git repository is restored (updates every 10m) and is available from