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Your NPCs need an AI to act. Fortunately for you, the AI class already defines everything that is needed, see the table.

Part Explanation
name the name that the self:runAI() function will call
function(self) Where you put what the AI does

Even better, your new AI can call another new AI (or one of the preexisting ones).

newAI("morale_flee", function(self)
    if self.morale_life then
	      if self.life < self.morale_life then
		     if not self.energy.used then self:runAI("flee_dmap") end

Now if you call self:runAI("morale_flee") - preferably in another AI definition such as "dumb_talented_simple" (or your "newfangled_AI") and NOT in NPC.lua - your creatures will flee if reduced below their morale_life value.

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