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Lit and dark dungeons

Hey everyone! I've posted this suggestion over on the page, but I think it'd be nice here too. I just had the idea that it might be very handy to note whether a dungeon is lit or not. Most players have at least slightly different gear, depending on whether the dungeon they're about to enter is dark or lit, and some even temporarily juggle points into a talent like Heightened Senses when they're about to head into a dark dungeon. How about we mark dungeons that are either lit or unlit by a certain symbol, so you can easily see at a glance if the dungeon you're about to head into is one where you should bring an extra bright lantern or not? For instance, if a dungeon is dark, we could mark it with a † symbol. If there is an alternate version of the dungeon, we could additionally mark it with a ‡ symbol. So, as an example, let's say that all the following dungeons have alternate versions. Dungeon A is lit in both versions, Dungeon B is lit in the normal version but dark in the alternate, Dungeon C is dark in the normal version but lit in the alternate, and Dungeon D is dark in both versions. The dungeons would thus be marked as such on the list: 1. Dungeon A 2. Dungeon B ‡ 3. Dungeon C † 4. Dungeon D †‡ Whether we use this exact way of notation is unimportant - it's just the first idea I got. Regardless of how we do it, however, I think it'll be worthwhile, and very helpful, to have them marked as either lit or dark. I also think that it might be very nice to add to each individual dungeon's page whether it's lit or not. --Skafsgaard (talk) 00:24, 16 April 2016 (CEST)