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[[{{{name}}} (talent) (npc)|{{{name}}}]]
(no image)
Game Version -
Category Type -
Category -
Requirements -
Use Mode Activated
Range Melee/Personal
Cost -
Cooldown -
Travel Speed -
Use Speed -
Description -

Use this template on pages that define an NPC talent or item ability. For player talents/abilities use Template:Ability_box.

The name of the ability, the way it is written in game. You may capitalize any letter in the name as the template will automatically convert them into lower case characters in order to create a proper link.
Image file for this ability. This is typically the name of the talent with a .png extension. The image for Chant of Fortitude is Chant of fortitude.png for example. If you cannot find a match, leave this parameter blank or do not enter it at all, and the template will create a (no image) text by default.
The upper-level category group type. If the talent is shown as Chronomancy/Energy, the category type would be Chronomancy. See Talents for this list. Use Template:Ct for easier entry.
The lower-category type (aka talent tree). If the talent is shown as Chronomancy/Energy, then the category would be Energy. Use Template:C for easier entry.
The version of the game for which this was last updated.
embers_version (optional)
If this talent/ability depends on Embers of Rage, insert this value with the version of Embers of Rage for this ability.
The box for this version will not appear in the table unless this value is defined.
ashes_version (optional)
If this talent/ability depends on Ashes of Urh'Rok, insert this value with the version of Ashes of Urh'Rok for this ability.
The box for this version will not appear in the table unless this value is defined.

Do not use both ashes_version and embers_version together!

Requirements for the ability. Use the correct template from TalentReq!
For example, if the talent's source code looks like:
require = cuns_req4,
then you should use this value in the template:
How the talent is used. This defaults to Activated if the parameter does not exist or is left blank, but you can enter Passive or Sustained too.
The distance over which the ability can be used. This will default to Melee/Personal if the range is 0 or 1, or if no range is specified and the use mode is not Passive. Enter Archery Range if this ability effectively uses your bow/sling range instead. Note: If use_mode is Passive then the range value will always be set to '-'.
Ability cost in resources. Enter, for example, 10 Stamina or 15 Mana.
Number of turns until the ability can be used again. Just enter a number directly like 5 without typing in "turns", as this preserves the flexibility of the template.
The speed at which a projectile created by the talent will move. This is usually listed in the talent description or code. The number given indicates the speed in units of map tiles per turn. The default speed for most projectiles is 10 squares per turn (e.g. basic bow/sling shots). Enter numbers only, and leave this field blank otherwise.
How much time this ability takes to be used. Defaults to BLANK if left empty. If use_mode is 'passive' will set to Passive. Enter 0 if it is an instant use talent. Other good options are Attack Speed, Mind Speed, Spell Speed, Movement Speed and Global Speed. Note: If use_mode is defined as 'passive', use_speed will always be set to '-'.
Description of the ability as it appears in game. Remember that any numbers you see in game are specific to your character! When in doubt use variables ("X" or "Y"), or look into the code to determine the formula used. See the Scaling article for some of the game functions used and their respective templates.