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This template is used to denote talent parameters that scale by the combatTalentIntervalDamage function.

The template accepts up to four parameters, corresponding to those in the LUA code: stat, min, max, stat_weight. It is assumed that these parameters will be fed to the template in the order specified above.

The first 3 parameters to this template are required, and the last one is optional.

Basic Example

The LUA code for critical chance bonus of Riposte calls for

self:combatTalentIntervalDamage(t, "dex", 10, 50)

which should be entered into the wiki as


and will produce the following text


Note that any percentage signs must be inserted manually with the parameters.

Additional Parameters

The stat_weight parameter defaults to 0.5 in the LUA, and can be entered as an optional parameter 4 if different from 0.5.