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Use as {{ll|<base hp>|<rank>|<level>|<life_rating>}}

Can be used to determine the HP for a player or NPC, with the following input:

  • <base hp> - The starting HP at level 1, or 'max_life variable' for the NPC
  • <rank> - Defined as 'rank' for NPC; players always use '3'
  • <level> - The level of the NPC or player
  • <life_rating> - For players, class rating + race rating. For NPCs, defined as 'life_rating'

Returns a fixed value. This works for players, but most NPCs can vary from 0.5x to 1.5x the value. NPCs with 'fixed_rating = true' will use the single value only.

Does not count bonuses from Con!

Example: player Dwarf Berserker at level 10

{{LL|120|3|10|15}} gives 289

Example: Rantha the Worm at level 16 (boss with fixed life rating)

{{LL|230|4|16|17}} gives 1052