The Place Which Does Not Exist

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ToME Version: 1.7.6
The Place Which Does Not Exist
Boss The One That Writes
Floors 3
Level Range 20 to 50
Item Level Range 3 to 5
Size 35x35
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

This zone can be entered by reading the Forbidden Tome: "Of Knowledge And Horrors". It must be completed in one trip, as the tome will crumble when you leave it for the real world. Inside the zone, each floor can only be visited once as well, and it is not possible to return to a previous floor. The three floors in this zone are filled with horrors, and have layouts similar to the Heart of the Gloom. All the walls in this zone are undiggable, and cannot be penetrated by scouting talents like Track. Except for the final boss, none of the enemies in this zone will drop any loot.

Enemies in this zone have a 1-in-4 (25%) chance to be rares, overriding the usual rare chance for the difficulty setting, although rares will still not appear on Easier difficulty. This is a higher chance than the usual 1-in-25 chance on Normal difficulty, or the 1-in-8 chance on Nightmare, but it's a lower chance than the usual 1-in-3 chance on Insane or Madness.

There are also fonts of knowledge scattered around each floor that can randomly grant the following rewards:

  • 0.1% chance for 1 prodigy point
  • 0.4% chance for 1 talent category point
  • 10% chance for 1 generic talent point
  • 19.5% chance for 1 class talent point
  • 70% chance for 3 stat points

Each floor in this zone can have 1–3 fonts of knowledge. The distribution is roughly:

  • 16% chance for 1 font of knowledge
  • 56% chance of 2 fonts of knowledge
  • 28% chance of 3 fonts of knowledge

On average there will be 2.12 fonts of knowledge per level. On some occasions however, the fonts will not be able to spawn if there are no suitable locations, so the true average will be lower, and it is possible to have zero fonts on a floor.

Fonts of knowledge can sometimes be hard to spot visually on the default tile set, as their color and texture are very close to that of the ground, but they do appear as blue dots on the minimap. They are easier to see if the option "Forbidden Cults: Use Book visual for forbidden tomes" is disabled.

The zone guardian is The One That Writes on the final floor. It is initially invulnerable, and the player must walk over three books of binding spread around the level in order to remove its invulnerability status. The location of these books of binding are revealed to the player upon entering the final floor. Due to the map layout and undiggable walls, it is possible for the invulnerable boss to trap the player in a dead end alcove by blocking the single tile paths. This can be a death sentence even for very strong characters, so it can be helpful to prepare some means of teleportation before entering the final floor.

Zone Specific Artifacts