The Sect of Kryl-Feijan

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This quest is triggered on entering the 5th floor of the Dark Crypt. On the final floor you will find Melinda about to be sacrificed by the acolytes; you have a counter until her death. You will need to defeat the acolytes before the counter runs out. Failing to do so fails the quest, and summons the demon Kryl-Feijan.

After defeating the acolytes and freeing her from her restraints, you must escort her to the exit from the 5th floor to the world map. To keep her safe, you can kill the remaining enemies on the floor before escorting her. This is possible because you can dig a curved tunnel, lead her into it, and teleport out (in a pinch, a speed infusion will work too), leaving her stuck in it, and come back and lead her out when the coast is clear. She gets stuck because she basically tries to move directly towards you, not pathing around walls. Needs verification (seems to work, though she might sometimes get out of the hole depending on how you move around. Fortunately, unlike escorts, enemies dont make a beeline for her)

Upon saving Melinda, return to Last Hope and talk to the merchant in house at bottom. He will reward you.

Opens up the Melinda, lucky girl quest.