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History of ToME4

ToME 1

ToME was meant to be released as a rewrite of PernAngband 5.x, but legal difficulties led to a version of PernAngband 5 to be re-released as ToME 1 ahead of schedule. PernAngband itself, in its many different versions, is a descendant of a number of prior games. It's possible only Darkgod himself knows how many ideas he pulled from different Angband variants – some well-known, others not.

The original ToME was an incrementally improved version of Pern 5. Later, in tome1 and tome2, the Pern elements would be renamed out entirely.

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Code-base: lord_estraven: T1 is still available on the the original ToME website ( (*), but anyone wanting to work on it should be aware that the code is full of deadly traps. Most notably, byte integers are used all over the place, so inducing overflow errors is probably very easy. I may make some effort to update the code to some semblance of modern standards, but don't expect much. :|

(*) As of Sep 26, 2011, is no longer a ToME-related site at all.

ToME 2

ToME 2 was released as an Angband variant, and enjoyed many stable releases over a period of some years. shows 2.3.5 as the final version, but unfortunately it links to downloads on the defunct domain.

Neil Stevens ran a popular ToME 2 wiki/forum during this time period. That, too, has become defunct.

You can download tome 2 here:

ToME 3

Technically this new rewrite of ToME was never finished, though much progress had been made in terms of total items and monsters rewrites. Development of T-Engine 3 and ToME 3 were essentially dropped in favor of T-Engine 4 and ToME 4.