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I guess I will follow the BoldtextBpat's way and create this page so accessing all my guides becomes easier. Damn the 5 link limit in forum signature!

General game knowledge guides - Cath's BFG series

And more to come!

Class guides

  • Demonologist My first love and first guide. Went through several revisions and will probably need another for 1.6
  • Anorithil An old class that needs new trees and build variation, still fun to play if you like lots of AoE and DoT!
  • Bulwark One of the noob class and a noob trap, Bulwark deals great damage but is actually one of the least tanky classes.
  • Berserker great class to start the game with, and possibly getting your first win :p
  • Shadowblade more complicated class than those above despite being unlocked at the start. Very fun and powerful :D

Also more to come!

Not my guides but great ressources

  • Bpat's wiki page Guide compilation and tier list, up to date.
  • Micbran's noob guide Great way to get started, contains tons of useful info.
  • My tier list Not purely based on power but also what I consider to be easy to learn/play. As such passive defense >> active defenses, it also make it so the classes at the top have more chance to be fun to play (if you appreciate the same gameplay I do)
  • Tometips The link to follow if you're wondering about talent scaling with levels/mastery. When it is relevant, tometips assume the char to have 1000 HP and 100 in all powers. Great resource.