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Wights are an odd duck amongst the undead, often not created by necromancers specifically, but instead rising of their own volition when the conditions are right. Wights are by no means individual souls, but often part of a gestalt; when a particular land has seen enough bloodshed - battlefields, forest, crypts and graveyards - wights can be seen to rise en masse, a near-physical representation of the battles and turmoil the land has faced. Sadly, it is for this reason that necromancers often facilitate the creation of wights regardless, for no other study or profession causes so much blood or death.

Those who have had encounters with wights often describe them as indistinct skeletal figures, wrapped in flowing cloaks that become faded and incorporeal at their edges, while strange lights dance where their eyes should remain. Survivors tell of a peculiar sense of exhaustion when in close proximity to them, as though merely being close to these figments of death causes one's life force to sputter and fade. Regardless of this and their ghostly appearance however, it has been recorded that steel and strength of arms is yet enough to destroy them, or at least to erase them for the time being. It's just a shame that such battles are likely to simply create more of them in the long run...