A cave from ages old

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A cave from ages old
Boss None
Floors 3
Level Range 1 to 1
Item Level Range 1 to 1
Size 20x20 (level 1), 40x40 (level 2), 50x50 (level 3)
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

"A cave from ages old" is a zone added in the Forbidden Cults expansion. This zone can be entered by reading the Forbidden Tome: "A View From The Gallery", which also makes the player control Grung instead of their usual player character. (Any other party members are also left outside the book.) Grung is a halfing from the Age of Haze. Even if the player (as Grung) dies here, the player character will still be alive and can continue playing, including reading the book again to restart the story. Needs verification: Does anything carry over when reentering?

Grung starts with the quest A View From The Gallery. Grung's goal is to stay alive, gather enough food for his tribe to survive for a few days, and return to his tribe with the food. Grung can gather meat by hunting rats and rabbits, each of which will drop one food item. Once Grung has gathered at least 30 food items, he can use the exit on level 3 (represented by a book) to return to his tribe, which completes the quest. This returns the player to reality outside the book, controlling their usual player character.

The primary dangers to Grung in his quest are the Great Tentacly Beings that are fighting each other. They appear in pairs, locked in combat. They normally will not go out of their way to attack Grung, but there is a danger of collateral damage in their attempts to kill each other. And if Grung dares damage a Great Tentacly Being, then they may turn their attention to him and crush him. In truth, the Great Tentacly Beings are Sher'Tul fighting in the Sher'Tul Civil War.

The following number of creatures appear on each level:

Level Number of Sher'Tul Number of food animals
1 0 10
2 20 15
3 4 20


Upon completing the quest and returning to reality, the player must choose one of four reward options for their usual player character:

  • The importance of evading blows (+10 defense)
  • The importance of speed (+10% movement speed)
  • The importance of reflexes (+5 dexterity)
  • The importance of a honed mind (+5 cunning)

In addition, the player gains the achievement A View From The Gallery.