Abashed Expanse

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Abashed Expanse
Guardian Spacial Disturbance
Floors 3
Level Range 1 to 7
Item Level Range 1 to 1
Size 50x50
Zone Effect Abashed Expanse

Your Phase Door spell is super easy to use here, allowing you to target it regardless of level. Any projectiles is slowed down by 80%.

Zone Information

The Abashed Expanse is a zone accessible only to human, elven, and halfling Archmages. At the very beginning of the game, you will be given the option to take a quest; accepting transports you immediately to the Abashed Expanse and declining permanently bars you from the area.

The Abashed Expanse is 3 levels long. Each level is composed of a number of small, physically unconnected platforms that teleport around the map and one larger platform that contains the portal to the next level, which must be hit with a damaging spell to activate. All of the platforms occasionally teleport to a new position, taking you and any enemies on them along. While in the Abashed Expanse, Phase Door has a cooldown of 3, and a mana cost of 1, and a location to teleport to may be selected regardless of Phase Door's talent level, allowing it to be used to travel between platforms.

The Abashed Expanse is inhabited by losgoroths (which fire Void Blasts, a slow-moving projectile spell) and mana worms (which can drain your mana if they reach melee range, dealing an equal amount of HP damage).

On the third level, the portal to the next level is replaced by the Spacial Disturbance, an enemy with Manathrust, Void Blast, and Phase Door that drops the Void Star on death. Afterwards, you must use Teleport: Angolwen to return.

The Matrix Style achievement can be obtained by completing the area without being hit by any Void Blasts or Manaworms. Being hit by the Manathrust does not affect the achievement.