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Once your addon works and you want the world to see it you need to follow some simple steps to get it up on (and Steam Workshop if you own ToME on Steam):

  • Check to make sure your addon has tags specified in the init.lua file (tags = { 'races', 'human', 'challenge'}). The tags should be descriptive to assist searching on the website.
  • Create a folder with the format "tome-[short_name]", where the short_name is the same as that specified in the init.lua (tome-humansextended).
  • Place your addon folder in the [TOME install folder]/game/addons folder, and copy into it all of your addon files (init.lua, data folder, hooks folder, overload folder, superload folder).
  • Make sure developer mode is on (from the main menu: Options >> Developer mode >> Yes).
  • Make sure you are logged in-game.
  • Make a new character with the addon enabled.
  • Enter debug menu (ctrl+a if you didn't re-bind it), and choose the Addon Developer menu.
  • Select the option to register a new addon if this is the first time uploading this addon.
  • Select the option to publish the addon to the website.
  • Wait as the game packages and uploads your addon.
  • Optional: do the same thing with the Steam upload.
  • If you are having trouble uploading to steam. Try Purging Cloud Saves (From the main menu: Options >> Steam >> Purge Cloud Saves). These can be in a bad state and block uploading.
  • You're done, your addon should now appear on addons list.
  • Optional (but recommended): Create a forum account and start a new topic in the Addons section to give players a place to provide feedback about your addon and link to the topic from the addon page created for your addon. You will have to wait for a moderator to approve your topic before you can link to it.

To update your addon on the Steam Workshop: Edit your addon on your profile page to be able to enter the addon steam workshop id (check workshop page url for id), allowing you to update your old workshop entry.

Notice: If you are having trouble updating the addon with steam where it updates but doesn't really update, but not with, you could be running into an exotic bug with steam synchronization. This set of steps discovered by stuntofthelitter has fixed several people who have run into this problem: Re-enable steam cloud in ToME. Let steam sync. Ran the game, disabled steam cloud saves, did NOT purge data.

A second fix for steam because that first one didn't help me : go to C:\Users\[username]\T-Engine\4.0\tome\user-generated-addons and replace the old zip file with the new one, done.