Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

T-Engine allows all game modules to support addons and Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy is taking full advantage of them to allow players to customize their game.

How to install

To install an addon you simply have to download the .teaa file and place it in your game's game/addons/ folder, unless the addon explicitly gives special install instructions.

How to create new addons

See addon uploading page of the wiki.

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NameGame Version RequiredUpdatedAuthorDownloadUser Rating
QuickTome: Sight Overhaul
1.3.12 hours 14 min agominmayno rating yet
Adventurer Plus Addon
Adventurer hero cursed
1.1.71 day 11 hours agoastralinferno
The Returned
curse afflicted race
1.3.02 days 12 hours agoastralinferno
Shadow Race
undead shadow bugfix fork
1.0.12 days 13 hours agoastralinfernono rating yet
CHN Addons for ToME
chinese translation
1.3.14 days 7 hours agolizhiao1990
Protos race
protos Class OP race
1.3.54 days 20 hours agodrusekno rating yet
Birth Options Example
Test example
1.4.05 days 5 hours agograyswandirno rating yet
Trench Strider Class
water negative celestial
1.3.15 days 18 hours agoastralinferno
Furrae Race
race beast furry beast race cat wolf anthropormorphic anthropormorphic beast cat furry race wolf owl bird
1.2.01 week 8 hours agonukuv
warrior Deathknight
1.3.01 week 21 hours agoRazakai
Player AI
playerai options keybind
1.3.11 week 1 day agoCharidanno rating yet
Overpowered Levelup Bonuses
points talents generics category prodigy levelup easy madness
1.3.11 week 2 days agoomustardono rating yet
Alternate Talent Requirements
alternate talent requirements alt reqs
1.3.11 week 6 days agoEffigyno rating yet
Witherer Class
Witherer defiler Class
1.3.12 weeks 7 hours agoHousePet
QuickTome: Melinda Tweaks
convenience quicktome
1.3.12 weeks 1 day agominmay
QuickTome: Arena Skip
convenience quicktome
1.3.12 weeks 4 days agominmay
QuickTome: Orb of Communication
1.3.12 weeks 4 days agominmayno rating yet
Playable Rhaloren Race
race rhaloren elf
1.3.02 weeks 4 days agoastralinfernono rating yet
Square Field of Vision
FOV los squarelos squarefov square
1.3.12 weeks 6 days agominmayno rating yet
Arcanum Class Pack
Class Arcane Mage Hedgemage Alchemist
1.3.13 weeks 2 hours agoHousePet
Undead Heritage
race undead
1.3.03 weeks 9 hours agoastralinfernono rating yet
Playable Yaech Race
race yaech yeek
1.3.03 weeks 14 hours agoastralinferno
Improved Auto-explore and Rest
autoexplore telepathy rest cooldowns
1.3.13 weeks 3 days agodracos12
Illim race
illim race
1.2.33 weeks 3 days ago0playerno rating yet
Unlimited Respec
convenience refund infinite respec unlimited
1.3.14 weeks 6 hours agoEffigyno rating yet