Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

Addons: Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy

T-Engine allows all game modules to support addons and Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy is taking full advantage of them to allow players to customize their game.

How to install

To install an addon you simply have to download the .teaa file and place it in your game's game/addons/ folder, unless the addon explicitly gives special install instructions.

How to create new addons

See addon uploading page of the wiki.

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NameGame Version RequiredUpdatedAuthorDownloadUser Rating
Weapons Pack
weapon whip trident melee rapier swordbreaker psi throw club spear weapon whip trident melee rapier swordbreaker
1.1.59 hours 10 min agograyswandir
Curved Resists
engine tweak curve resist
1.1.516 hours 30 min agograyswandirno rating yet
Witch Doctor Class
Class witchdoctor witch doctor
1.1.52 days 15 hours agoForger101no rating yet
Draconian (Fork)
dragons race bugfix fork Draconian
1.1.53 days 3 hours agoAura of the Dawn
Auto Transmogrify on Rest
rest options transmo
1.0.03 days 5 hours agorodno rating yet
Marson's UI Modifications
hotkeys fonts ui hotkeys UI font sound
1.1.53 days 18 hours agoMarson
Hedgeknight Class
Class warrior Wilder two-handed
1.1.54 days 11 hours agoStarKeepno rating yet
Fontpack example for Marson's UI Mod
ui fonts
1.1.55 days 8 hours agoMarsonno rating yet
Marson's Developer Tools
tools font developer dev
1.1.55 days 8 hours agoMarsonno rating yet
Marson's Auto-explore & Rest Tweaks
autoexplore telepathy rest cooldowns
1.1.55 days 9 hours agoMarsonno rating yet
Beholder (Continuation)
Tentacles Race Monster Lasers Eyes Class Beholder
1.1.56 days 10 hours agonagyhal
Archery Tweaks
archery tweak ammo stamina
1.1.56 days 17 hours agograyswandirno rating yet
Marson's Bosses Gone AWOL
1.1.51 week 13 hours agoMarsonno rating yet
Faerie Race
race fey faerie fairy
1.1.51 week 1 day agoStarKeep
Infinite Farportal
farportal infinite campaign infinite farportal
1.1.31 week 2 days agoStarKeep
vector creep striker heavy ascetic class
1.1.61 week 3 days agoDoctornull
Arcane Blade Tweaks
arcane blade tweak
1.1.51 week 5 days agograyswandirno rating yet
Doctornull's Ego Pack
null tweak fixpack fix egos Ego
1.1.61 week 5 days agoDoctornullno rating yet
Null Tweaks
tweaks egos
1.1.61 week 5 days agoDoctornull
Safer Automatic Talents
quality of life utility auto-use
1.1.52 weeks 1 day agoPhoenix1no rating yet
Fallen Race
human race fallen magic glass cannon
1.1.52 weeks 2 days agograyswandirno rating yet
Mage Knight
metaclass class mage knight phoenix knight mind knight techniques spells psionics
1.1.52 weeks 3 days agoPhoenix1no rating yet
The Auto Archer (Auto Shooter)
ui input auto autoexplore shoot Archer keys combat
1.1.52 weeks 3 days agohyprformnceno rating yet
Everything is Unique
boss unique unique uniques boss bosses rare rares
1.1.32 weeks 3 days agoStarKeep
unarmed monk
1.1.53 weeks 3 days agograyswandir