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UserNameLast updated
Chaotic_HereticOne Man Army the level 2 Thalore Adventurer0 sec ago
PasterPASTER the level 24 Dwarf Bulwark14 sec ago
Rekiekrel the level 10 Yeek Solipsist15 sec ago
KvoldeShytomb the level 12 Thalore Oozemancer19 sec ago
gygesRanger_Joe the level 1 Shalore Temporal Warden23 sec ago
Val RothVal the level 12 Cornac Arcane Blade28 sec ago
Krim the level 6 Cornac Archmage
31 sec ago
sehaKMSFire the level 29 Dwarf Berserker35 sec ago
Archmagus Ye the level 45 Yeek Archmage
39 sec ago
segSam the level 46 Cornac Archmage39 sec ago
spacewannabieAblade the level 1 Skeleton Arcane Blade41 sec ago
gygesRanger_Joe the level 2 Shalore Temporal Warden44 sec ago
Zak the level 20 Skeleton Marauder
51 sec ago
AnhJimSexJam the level 6 Dwarf Bulwark1 min 19 sec ago
TodesblubIsabella VI. the level 13 Cornac Bulwark1 min 48 sec ago
maxtarkinThough the level 17 Shalore Shadowblade1 min 48 sec ago
ephialtisLittle Titch the level 18 Halfling Brawler2 min 4 sec ago
ksblanchardSmarm the level 26 Cornac Brawler2 min 8 sec ago
AluvPierre the level 14 Dwarf Stone Warden2 min 38 sec ago
TalesFANOsakaska Lord of Night the level 21 Halfling Necromancer3 min 4 sec ago
OrgrimmSvetxaga the level 6 Shalore Archmage3 min 5 sec ago
lokkoStopenc the level 23 Faerie Rogue3 min 37 sec ago
devzeroYlisi the level 14 Halfling Alchemist3 min 37 sec ago
glypwotaLil' Glyp the level 5 Halfling Rogue4 min 3 sec ago
lolwutBeradoldir the level 7 Skeleton Bulwark4 min 24 sec ago