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UserNameLast updated
天天发蛋糕Bowante the level 11 Cornac Cursed2 sec ago
EpsikNomag the level 1 Cornac Arcane Blade15 sec ago
Knutter the level 2 Shalore Archmage
20 sec ago
zakiilSete the level 5 Yeek Solipsist20 sec ago
TotalesmaLisryma the level 9 Thalore Summoner27 sec ago
haproDwWy the level 2 Dwarf Wyrmic31 sec ago
berethgorxXSoNotCoolXx the level 17 Shalore Shadowblade38 sec ago
noboo1192Ochaduke the level 6 Cornac Oozemancer1 min 4 sec ago
LoruineMarie the level 22 Higher Bulwark1 min 9 sec ago
infinityrizock the level 14 Higher Necromancer1 min 11 sec ago
MonkplaySlim the level 50 Star Elf Oozemancer1 min 26 sec ago
curtaindogLuLu the level 46 Thalore Solipsist1 min 32 sec ago
motgzElgard von Zap the level 5 Shalore Archmage1 min 36 sec ago
NTPTaylorSnapparooney the level 25 Shalore Paradox Mage1 min 53 sec ago
Oberst EisenhelmEvaniel the level 38 Thalore Oozemancer2 min 2 sec ago
khaiosRaegin the level 5 Higher Necromancer2 min 5 sec ago
Ninja-ORCjack the level 6 Higher Sun Paladin2 min 8 sec ago
ratbergerbubbles the level 2 Dwarf Wyrmic2 min 24 sec ago
Veli the level 2 Higher Shadowblade
2 min 27 sec ago
fandangoFandangoTheGrim the level 11 Halfling Shadowblade2 min 38 sec ago
haproDwWy the level 2 Dwarf Wyrmic2 min 42 sec ago
TheDorqueCarolly the level 4 Ghoul Cursed2 min 50 sec ago
ShadeWyvernDaemon the level 4 Skeleton Demonologist3 min 26 sec ago
BrandonCoreyRiann the level 26 Cornac Temporal Warden3 min 54 sec ago
zanafalgisTvik Emberbeard the level 2 Dwarf Demonologist3 min 56 sec ago