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UserNameLast updated
TotalesmaVaniba the level 23 Shalore Doombringer5 sec ago
MARS the level 10 Cornac Bulwark
6 sec ago
Relentless StormLisarewyn the level 11 Yeek Solipsist8 sec ago
grolichGrolich the level 27 Cornac Arcane Blade8 sec ago
mdajokeIshelle the level 7 Shalore Reaver9 sec ago
Cha DawnKdaj pa kdaj the level 11 Cornac Paradox Mage9 sec ago
Chimney_ImpEreorne the level 7 Dwarf Reaver11 sec ago
globoMerit the level 29 Doomelf Doombringer20 sec ago
wizardDreadlord the Vaidwalker the level 15 Skeleton Archmage25 sec ago
PuškaBig Guy (for you) the level 2 Ogre Reaver31 sec ago
williamkidaSundered Path the level 27 Ogre Cursed46 sec ago
Llyalia the level 21 Yeek Paradox Mage
50 sec ago
xiKnightNgarr the level 8 Cornac Summoner52 sec ago
x893019111BRYAN the level 13 Cornac Bulwark1 min 3 sec ago
carl26Thidiin the level 4 Ogre Brawler1 min 16 sec ago
Invalid NameBren the Everdying the level 21 Cornac Necromancer1 min 16 sec ago
Lolly the level 13 Cornac Berserker
1 min 21 sec ago
Assassin105Clown the level 19 Cornac Sawbutcher1 min 23 sec ago
PanzernoobMinute the level 3 Shalore Temporal Warden1 min 24 sec ago
felixviciousDaren the level 26 Higher Doombringer1 min 27 sec ago
kgoldkgold the level 15 Cornac Bulwark1 min 30 sec ago
martinuzzmartinuzz the level 2 Shalore Doomed1 min 31 sec ago
ertaisoulArciaev the level 39 Shalore Summoner1 min 35 sec ago
vupsenBrook the level 19 Skeleton Archer1 min 44 sec ago
C.RASHLakan123 the level 8 Shalore Alchemist1 min 53 sec ago