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UserNameLast updated
mindmajickScrera the level 6 Draconian Berserker4 sec ago
JrequePerelandra the level 3 Higher Archer4 sec ago
fuzzylogic115Killing the level 14 Dwarf Berserker7 sec ago
Zjouw the level 13 Dwarf Stone Warden
13 sec ago
therelicOokla the level 23 Cornac Berserker17 sec ago
NoelGeteharathad the level 20 Skeleton Archmage33 sec ago
artsAdelaide the level 15 Higher Adventurer35 sec ago
nfslugger13Nerwenne the level 21 Shalore Alchemist39 sec ago
marzipanDoordie the level 7 Higher Rogue53 sec ago
earlivilleman the level 31 Lich Necromancer54 sec ago
notwithoutmyanuspew magic the level 34 Skeleton Reaver1 min 4 sec ago
TychoEnochBlightblood Druid the level 10 Fallen Hero1 min 10 sec ago
fantasdanJerbeza the level 16 Dwarf Stone Warden1 min 16 sec ago
sardonic21Vehie the level 33 Thalore Oozemancer1 min 16 sec ago
ParcaeHonky Grandma the level 17 Shalore Necromancer1 min 26 sec ago
tmuirStormy the level 7 Higher Archmage1 min 36 sec ago
kla the level 5 Higher Archmage
1 min 42 sec ago
danalise22DoneWithTheFandom the level 20 Dwarf Wyrmic1 min 46 sec ago
LardReVApeShitFuckJacked the level 11 Cornac Summoner1 min 49 sec ago
midocropolismido the level 6 Cornac Alchemist2 min 6 sec ago
SoberveePäx the level 18 Cornac Bulwark2 min 13 sec ago
grogerifObsidian the level 11 Dwarf Mindslayer2 min 14 sec ago
jldupreeiiiJoseph the level 26 Cornac Summoner2 min 14 sec ago
chronosv2Vaera the level 5 Shalore Alchemist2 min 24 sec ago
thelenianMog the level 7 Yeek Shadowblade2 min 26 sec ago