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UserNameLast updated
khaiosAedgar the level 15 Ogre Wyrmic8 sec ago
thealienbeeAkrion the level 17 Dwarf Berserker10 sec ago
rebeldArath the level 31 Higher Archmage16 sec ago
DaddyDamageDoomBarbie the level 35 Higher Doombringer17 sec ago
wtfhaxomglolSnippy the level 40 Shalore Shadowblade41 sec ago
MelacSara the level 1 Bunnymorph Bard43 sec ago
WarrenWarBeardWarren WarBeard the level 16 IceTurtle Adventurer53 sec ago
icetongueMelthe the level 12 Doomelf Wyrmic53 sec ago
ActionJesusGeralt the level 10 Cornac Doombringer55 sec ago
paladinlord10BobofBobbington the level 22 Draconian Wyrmic58 sec ago
Kj Stants the level 10 Cornac Rogue
1 min 6 sec ago
orcaFluffy the level 10 Ogre Brawler1 min 8 sec ago
booguhBooguh the level 18 Dwarf Bulwark1 min 12 sec ago
ItalianBungaBungaHelenwood the level 12 Cornac Mindslayer1 min 30 sec ago
pilirichRich the level 1 Cornac Tinker Hero1 min 41 sec ago
RaatoHrm the level 13 Shalore Sun Paladin1 min 42 sec ago
MasthorLana the level 33 Shalore Temporal Warden1 min 51 sec ago
EinzbernMindbern the level 2 Ogre Mindslayer1 min 55 sec ago
PropsElvis the level 21 Shalore Adventurer2 min ago
DoctorEnduguEndu the level 4 Thalore Archer2 min 31 sec ago
KliberSimon the level 12 Cornac Arcane Blade2 min 34 sec ago
stichyDdoone the level 5 Cornac Brawler2 min 38 sec ago
bryan_p1Yharnam the level 7 Cornac Corruptor3 min 5 sec ago
Olle1232Giloran the level 7 Ghoul Bulwark3 min 9 sec ago
HellcommanderFewi the level 8 Feling Creep3 min 12 sec ago