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UserNameLast updated
Korosh1yaSnorre the level 19 Thalore Archer7 sec ago
WeaselOfDeathShallath the level 6 Cornac Cursed10 sec ago
ignecadusSilewyn the level 4 Tutorial Basic Tutorial Adventurer14 sec ago
teasquireSelwak the level 30 Skeleton Bulwark16 sec ago
Briary the level 6 Skeleton Rogue
27 sec ago
Tubby WatkinsBaisbo the level 1 Dwarf Stone Warden28 sec ago
firstactMurr the level 12 Dwarf Berserker36 sec ago
lucifer samPololpal the level 7 Halfling Shadowblade37 sec ago
RocketJesusMurderFriend the level 1 Shalore Reaver39 sec ago
hunterPlucky the level 28 Reborn Oozemancer41 sec ago
Scarred OneDaud the level 1 Cornac Shadowblade47 sec ago
pok2011Azani the level 4 Shalore Archmage50 sec ago
stariStaris the level 1 Shalore Temporal Warden51 sec ago
glxy816glxy the level 13 Dwarf Bulwark57 sec ago
oathkeeper4542GURTHLORD the level 18 Orc Sawbutcher59 sec ago
ZwentiboldAthliaho the level 27 Cornac Paradox Mage1 min 1 sec ago
MarcHSkirthon the level 24 Skeleton Skirmisher1 min 11 sec ago
luispwnKarsh the level 13 Shalore Temporal Warden1 min 13 sec ago
tamora_dawnJon the level 18 Cornac Berserker1 min 15 sec ago
guest250Siliander LVII the level 31 Ogre Shadowblade1 min 15 sec ago
pika02Mark the level 8 Xorn Prowler1 min 21 sec ago
e1337istNigel Thornberry the level 6 Thalore Berserker1 min 22 sec ago
iamcraigDragons Are Rad the level 2 Thalore Wyrmic1 min 26 sec ago
ZeldranZel the level 7 Cornac Alchemist1 min 28 sec ago
JarcaanShie the level 37 Thalore Alchemist1 min 29 sec ago