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UserNameLast updated
seankBradwen the level 10 Dwarf Alchemist10 sec ago
Swarthy the level 9 Dwarf Berserker
15 sec ago
LynnCyrin the level 15 Shalore Temporal Warden15 sec ago
antrystSphiri the level 13 Higher Archmage17 sec ago
qdot76367qDot2 the level 1 Dwarf Berserker22 sec ago
etherealfrogaaddd the level 13 Shalore Doombringer24 sec ago
enzaAlethia the level 23 Dwarf Berserker35 sec ago
dathiasMenaiya the level 20 Higher Archmage40 sec ago
KGBMuttArch the level 12 Shalore Archer41 sec ago
Bierchen1895Hedwich Zuckerhut the level 20 Cornac Oozemancer50 sec ago
aut0mythgets neck romancer the level 14 Shalore Necromancer53 sec ago
misakivvVv the level 1 Cornac Cursed1 min 6 sec ago
sorrow413banger the level 28 Dwarf Bulwark1 min 19 sec ago
AvlorenAmoira the level 6 Shalore Archmage1 min 26 sec ago
wulian112 the level 1 Cornac Adventurer1 min 30 sec ago
WampeterFcuk the level 6 Cornac Necromancer1 min 41 sec ago
rakkengiuMr Bones the level 4 Skeleton Berserker1 min 46 sec ago
ruit123Ken56 the level 12 Cornac Shadowblade1 min 48 sec ago
ejahAreina the level 42 Shalore Anorithil1 min 51 sec ago
dtgnoomeScronk the level 13 Skeleton Fossil2 min 11 sec ago
goodchildGrelier the level 28 Cornac Necromancer2 min 20 sec ago
navrunnerMordeth the level 5 Dwarf Berserker2 min 35 sec ago
nexodasAerdin the level 13 Shalore Archmage2 min 35 sec ago
DayneTheWarriorReflex the level 7 Cornac Arcane Blade2 min 38 sec ago
ThethaElami the level 36 Shalore Arcane Blade2 min 51 sec ago