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Setup a recurring donation

A "recurring" donation might sound weird I know, but this is simply a way for you to donate more money without straining yourself.

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Donate on somebody else behalf?

Tales of Maj'Eyal needs you!

I am Nicolas, also called DarkGod, the creator of the Tales of Maj'Eyal and the TE4 engine and this is a personal appeal to you, my fellow player.

ToME4 and TE4 are free and open source. I am a firm believer of open source software and bringing enjoyment to as many people as possible, indeed, I started developing the previous versions of ToME (called Pernangband once upon a time) 18 years 13 weeks ago.

I intend to continue doing so for many years to come, but I am also a firm believer of eating each day ;) This is why I am asking for donations, the more money I can get from making this game, the less money I have to get from elsewhere and thus the more time I have for ToME!

So I have come here to ask for your generosity, please, if you can, donate for the game that gave you hours upon hours of endless fun (I hope!).

  • You can donate some money right away
  • If you want to contribute more permanently you could even setup a "recurring donation"
  • You are very rich and want to buy me and my family a house! :=)
  • If you can not give money, you can always post on the forums and say that you like ToME

What do I get for donating?

All donators get access to a few special features in-game when they are logged in.

Custom Tiles

A video being worth a thousands words, check it out there:
Donators Custom Tiles
Basically this will allow you to choose a custom tile for all your characters, so much more fun! Also donator's characters with custom tiles will show up on the character's vault!

Custom Tiles and Exploration Mode

Exploration mode is basically a game mode where you get an infinite number of lives, for those that want to see the story unfold faster.

Items Vault

For each 2€ of donations you gain one slot in the online Items Vault. This allows a character to send items to the vault and an other one to grab it from there. This feature can be accessed through the Fortress ingame.

Stone Warden class

Donators get to enjoy a special class: Stone Wardens. Only dwarves can be Stone Wardens, they are a melee class that dual wields shields and is both proficient in arcane and nature. While most of the world thinks those two forces are opposite, the dwarves have found a way to merge them.

Voratun Coins

For every 1€ of donations you will receive

. Those coins can be used to acquire additional DLCs for the game, as a way to thank big donators. The basic donators features (all those above) are rated as
(but worry not, even if you can only donated less you still get the basic donator features, I am a nice evil god of darkness ;) )

I do not have much money, how can I still thank you?

You are not alone! :)
But you can still show that you like the game, a simple post on the forums saying how you like the game is always appreciated!

I can provide much more than that!

While I doubt anybody will come to this section, I hope somebody will!
If you want and can truly donate much, you are most welcome to contact me, I am sure we can work out the details.