Aletta Soultorn

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Aletta Soultorn
Undead ghost aletta soultorn.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
Dreadfell 20+
What once must have been an enchantingly beautiful Higher woman now looks to be a ghost of utter despair.

Her thin, elegant form ripples gently in the air, whilst her tattered robes seem oddly still.

The ghost's face looks jittery and pained whilst her wild, glowing eyes move rapidly back and forth in their sockets.

Now and then she seems to see something and her jaw pulls back,

her whole face splitting apart as she shrieks an unholy cry of pain and torment.

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
14 18 12 20 20 20
Stat Progress
wil++ cun+
Shriek (4)
Silence (2-5)
Mind Disruption (3-6)

Ruined Earth (3-5)
Gloom (3-5)
Weakness (3-5)
Sanctuary (5)

Instill Fear (5)
Heighten Fear (5)
Tyrant (5)
  • Life: 582 +
  • Can pass through walls.
  • Doesn't need to breathe.
  • 80 see invisible power, 20 stealth power.
  • 10 defense
  • 100 armour penetration
  • 35% all resistance, -70% light resistance, 65% darkness resistance
  • 100% instakill, stoning, confusion, fear, disease, poison, stun/freeze, blind, cut immunity, 50% teleport immunity
  • Wears robes, Aletta's Diadem, an amulet, and two rings

Can spawn in Dreadfell.


  • Aletta's Diadem (25%)
    • If not, a random unique item
  • 1 random high-quality item
  • Her amulet and one of her rings
  • Lore: a letter to Aletta from the Master