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Floors 9
Level Range 15 to 26
Item Level Range 2 to 3
(after back from Far East) 3 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Dreadfell is a zone on the southern shore of Maj'Eyal, west of Last Hope. It has a "dungeon" layout, with darkened corridors connecting rooms that are randomly dark or lit. It is inhabited primarily by undead.

Dreadfell becomes a quest (The Island of Dread) when the four second-tier zones have been finished. However, Dreadfell is accessible from the beginning of the game; the quest's activation is not necessary.

Dreadfell's boss is The Master, a necromancer with aspirations for world conquest. He has possession of the Staff of Absorption, an artifact of enormous power. Dreadfell, and the recovery of the Staff of Absorption, is the first part of the main plot.

Three uniques, Aletta Soultorn, Borfast the Broken and Filio Flightfrond, can also be found here.

Zone Specific Artifacts