The Master

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The Master
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Location Level range
[[In zone::Dreadfell]] 23-35
A terrifying vampiric figure of power, with flowing robes and an intense aura of fright. His cold, sinewy flesh seems to cling to this world through greed and malice, and his eyes betray a strength of mind beyond any puny mortal. All nearby are utterly subservient to his will, though he stands aloof from them, as if to say he needs not the pathetic meddling of minions to help him overcome his foes. Your eyes are drawn to a dark staff in his hands which seems to suck the very life from the air around it. It looks ancient and dangerous and terrible, and the sight of it fills you with fervent desire.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
19-80 19-47 16-26 25-69 10-32 34-35
Stat Progress
Rank: Elite Boss

Type: Male Undead Vampire
Life: ~2000-3233
Stamina: ~200-302
Mana: 91 + ~400 used on sustained abilities (They will deactivate if you damage his mana enough, though note he will continue casting spells thanks to Hidden resources.)
Sample Talents (Low level version, higher level version will have most of these and much more):
Hidden Resources (2-5) Aura Mastery (6), Create Minions (4-7), Rigor Mortis (3-5), Circle of Death (3-5), Surge of Undeath (3-5), Will o' the Wisp (3-5), Vampiric Gift (2-5)

Congeal Time (2-5), Manathrust (4-8), Freeze (4-8), Phase Door (2), Strike (3-7)

Armour Training (2-5), Weapons Mastery (2-5), Stunning Blow (1-5), Rush (4-8), Spell Shield (4-8), Blinding Speed (4-8), Perfect Strike (3-7)

Rune: Manasurge

Three out of: Rune: Shielding (x2), Rune: Invisibility, Rune: Speed

100% immunity to instakills

100% immunity to blindness

70% immunity to stunning

The Master is one of the games most challenging bosses, especially if you happen to face the higher level version (which can be encounter as low as lvl 19)

One useful strategy is to use an ability or item that can damage his mana, which causes him to deactivate his main sustained abilities, which are extremely powerful if left unchecked. And should also slow down his casting, though note even at 0 mana he will still cast powerful spells due to his Hidden Resources talent, which allows him to ignore resource costs for several turns. Best to knock out his sustains then kill him as quickly as possible before he summon too many hordes of Undead to overwhelm you.

In addition to the talents shown above, The Master will resurrect himself precisely once.

Defeating The Master grants the Vampire Crusher achievement, and causes new store inventories to be generated (everywhere). The Master has a 25% chance to drop the Choker of Dread, and a 100% chance to drop the Staff of Absorption.