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Guardians are unique hostile NPCs which inhabit a particular zone, typically on the last level. Defeating a guardian often completes or advances a quest. Guardians often drop high-quality equipment or artifacts.

List of Guardians

Name Location Level Type Notes
Spacial Disturbance Abashed Expanse 7+ Quest: Spellblaze Fallouts
Brotoq the Reaver Escape from Reknor 7+ Orc Quest: Reknor is lost!
The Mouth The Deep Bellow 7+ Quest: From bellow, it devours
Prox the Mighty Trollmire 7+ Troll Quest: Of trolls and damp caves
Shax the Slimy Trollmire (alternative) 7+ Troll Quest: Of trolls and damp caves
Bill the Stone Troll Trollmire 7+ Troll Optional Quest: Hidden Treasure
The Shade Ruins of Kor'Pul 7+ Skeleton
Norgos the Guardian Norgos' Lair 7+ Bear
The Withering Thing Heart of the Gloom 7+ Canine
Spellblaze Crystal Scintillating Caves 7+ Crystal
Rhaloren Inquisitor Rhaloren Camp 7+ Shaloren Elf
Ben Cruthdar, the Cursed Lumberjack Village 10+ Human, Cursed Quest: The Beast Within
Sandworm Queen Sandworm Lair 15+ Sandworm
Minotaur of the Labyrinth The Maze 12+ Minotaur
Wrathroot Old Forest 12+ Treant
Urkis, the High Tempest Tempest Peak 17+ Human
Chronolith Twin and Chronolith Clone Temporal Rift 20+ Temporal Horror Optional Quest: Back and Back and Back To The Future

After returning from the Far East, players may find new or 'corrupted' bosses in many zones throughout the West. Floors where they are found is unchanged regardless of whether or not it is the alternate version of the zone.

Zone Level Guardian Guardian Level Artifact(s) Dropped
Trollmire 2 Aluin 35+ Sanguine Shield (35% chance)
Kor'Pul 3 Kor's Fury 35+ Vox (25% chance)
Scintillating Caves 3 Spellblaze Simulacrum 35+ Crystal Heart (25% chance)
The Deep Bellow 3 The Abomination 35+ Warped Boots (25% chance)
Reknor 4 Lithfengel 35+ Resonating Diamond, Blood-Runed Athame
The Maze 2 Nimisil 40+ Lunar Shield (25% chance)
Dreadfell 1 Pale Drake 40+ Runed Skull (25% chance)
Daikara 4 Massok 43+ Dragonskull Helm (25% chance)
Sandworm Lair 1 Corrupted Sand Wyrm 45+ Wyrm Bile, Atamathon's Lost Ruby Eye
Old Forest 3 Snaproot 50+ Petrified Wood (25% chance)