Gorbat Pride

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ToME Version: 1.7.4
Gorbat Pride
Guardian Gorbat
Floors 3
Level Range 35 to 60
Item Level Range 4 to 5
Size 50x40
Zone Effect +20 mindpower, +2 life regen,

-1 equilibrium per turn, -20% resistance penetration (all)

Zone Information

Gorbat Pride is the wilder pride, home to summoners, wyrmics, their wyrm and drake allies / pets, and the occasional orc mage-hunter.

The zone consists of an open field scattered with huts that sometimes house strong enemies. Each floor has an entry gate guarded by a boss on the entrance of each floor (on the east). You then need to pull a pair of levers located randomly in huts (unlike the other prides), before the door to the west opens, allowing you to proceed.

On level 3, you'll fight Gorbat, the Supreme Wyrmic of the Pride. Victory will earn you the Dragon Orb, which grants +6 cunning just for carrying it.

There is a set of collapsing stairs on each floor, leading to a vault. Each set of stairs has an 85% chance of leading to a random greater vault. With 15% chance, if it hasn't appeared already, it leads to a unique Renegade Wyrmics vault. These stairs allow 2-4 level changes before they fully collapse; before that happens, the name of the level will change to "nearly collapsed hidden vault".

Zone Specific Artifacts