Warmaster Gnarg

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Warmaster Gnarg
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Location Level range
Vor Armoury 39
This ugly orc looks really nasty and vicious. He yields a two handed sword and means to use it.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
76 55 19 21 10 12
Stat Progress
  • ~3800 life
  • 10 Armour, 23 defense
  • High physical save
  • 33% physical resist, 15% all
  • 100% immunity to blind, stun, freeze
  • Talents: Giant Leap, Hold the Ground, Orcish Fury, Pride of the Orcs
Rush, Second Wind, Shattering Shout, Skirmisher
Slow Motion, Stunning Blow, Sunder Armour
Warshout, Windblade

Drops Warmaster Gnarg's Murderblade.