Vor Armoury

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Vor Armoury
Guardian Warmaster Gnarg
Floors 2
Level Range 30 to 40
Item Level Range 3 to 4
Size 30x30
Zone Effect +20 Magic, +2 Mana regeneration rate, -20 Accuracy, -20 Stealth

This zone is visible on the world map after you start the quest There and back again. This quest can be obtained from Zemekkys in Gates of Morning.

Zone Information

A dungeon-style zone. Be prepared for lots of orc cryomancers and pyromancers.

There is a special locked room on level 2 called the "Room of Death", filled with multi-hued wyrms. Clearing that grants an achievement. The Blood-Runed Athame needed for the There and back again quest is found in the treasure room on the second level. The treasure room is filled with a large amount of tier 4 and tier 5 items.

If the Embers of Rage and Forbidden Cults DLCs are both enabled, and the player knows either Tinker-crafting talent tree (Physics or Chemistry), a glyph sequence for the Occult Egress will appear on level 1. Entering this sequence will give the player 2 brains in jars (ingredients for Tinkers). It can only be used once. This lets the player obtain brains in jars in the Age of Ascendancy campaign, when they would otherwise be exclusive to the Embers of Rage campaign.

Zone Specific Artifacts