Gates of Morning

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Gates of Morning
Guardian None
Floors 1
Level Range 33 to 50
Item Level Range 3 to 4
Size 196x80
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Gates of Morning is the headquarter of the Sunwall, a faction of humans and elves in the Far East. It is the home of High Sun Paladin Aeryn, Zemekkys and Limmir. In addition, Melnela in the northern section of town will initiate the Eight legs of wonder quest in Ardhungol, the spider caves.

Store inventories are generated for level 8 at character creation, level 40 after The Master, and level 50 after the Charred Scar.

Reaching the Gates of Morning and speaking with Aeryn at the entrance allows unlocking of Sun Paladins. Once the player has been allowed entry, Aeryn will teleport to the far eastern side of town. Speaking with her again initiates The many Prides of the Orcs quest. She will also suggest speaking with Zemekkys, whether you've already done so or not.

Zemekkys will initiate the quest to return to Maj'Eyal by revealing the location of the Vor Armoury, and then Briagh's Lair.

Finding the artifact book of gems (randomly generated) allows you to speak with Limmir to initiate the Master Jeweler quest in the Valley of the Moon.


The Gates of Morning