The many Prides of the Orcs

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The many Prides of the Orcs is a quest in the main campaign. This quest must be started to reveal the Orc Prides on the world map. It is given by High Sun Paladin Aeryn in Gates of Morning, upon asking her for help in the hunt for clues about the Staff of Absorption. The player can only begin the quest this way once they have travelled from the West (Maj'Eyal) to the Far East (Var'Eyal), through the farportal in Reknor (i.e. the player must actually be on the hunt for the Staff). The quest can also be started if Aeryn dies, in which case the player will find the location of the Orc Prides in a note on Aeryn's body).

The goal of the quest is to investigate the four Prides of Orcs and destroy each of their bastions:

To complete the quest, the titular master of each Pride must be killed - Vor, Rak'Shor, Grushnak, and Gorbat. Each master will drop one of the four Orbs of Command: the Elemental Orb, the Orb of Undeath, the Orb of Destruction, and the Dragon Orb. These orbs are needed for the following quest The Orbs of Command.

Clearing one of the Prides for the first time will trigger the Important news quest.

Clearing all four prides will complete the quest, and grant the player the achievement Orcrist. The quest can then be handed in to Aeryn, which will mark the quest as "done" and grant the player the final story quest, Falling Towards Apotheosis. Aeryn will also give the player a copy of any of the Orbs of Command that they are missing.