Falling Toward Apotheosis

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Falling Toward Apotheosis is the final story quest of Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy. It can be triggered if the player tells High Sun Paladin Aeryn in the Gates of Morning that they have destroyed the leaders of all four Orc Prides. Otherwise, it will be triggered when the player enters the High Peak.

To complete this quest, the player must find the Sorcerers inside the High Peak, and stop their plans. In order to enter the High Peak, the shield protecting it must first be disabled. This is done by using the four orbs of command on the corresponding pedestals in the Slime Tunnels, as per the quest The Orbs of Command. Once this is done, the High Peak can be entered through the Slime Tunnels. The player must then ascend inside the High Peak to the Sanctum, and defeat the two Sorcerers, Argoniel and Elandar. See the High Peak page for details on the fight.

On the penultimate floor of the High Peak, there will be a portal to the Sanctum. If the player never visited the Charred Scar, or if they failed to interrupt the sorcerers' ritual in time while they were there, then the Sunwall will have fallen while the player was trapped in the High Peak. In this case, if High Sun Paladin Aeryn is still alive, she will appear on this level at the portal, as Fallen Sun Paladin Aeryn. She will be hostile to the player. If the player defeats her in combat, they will have the option to kill her or spare her. If she is spared, she will disappear, but she will reappear in the final fight.

In the final fight, Aeryn will show up to help you, if she's alive. Argoniel and Elandar will initially target Aeryn.

At the start of the final fight, the Sorcerers will reveal that their goal in taking the Staff was to absorb enough power from the world that they could open a farportal to the Void between worlds, to let a God, Gerlyk, the Creator, return to Eyal. If the player failed to stop the Sorcerers' plan at the Charred Scar, the Void farportal will already be open. If the player successfully stopped the plan, then the Void farportal will not be open yet.


After defeating both Sorcerers, the quest will be completed, and the ending sequence will begin.

If the player was an Avatar of a Distant Sun, then the Distant Sun will reveal its true colors and try to make the player sacrifice themself by throwing themself into the Void farportal, in order to open the portal wide and make a connection so that it can bring all of its power to Eyal.

  • The player can accept, letting the Distant Sun burn the whole world (killing the player in the process), and earn the achievement This is how the world ends: swallowed in fire, but not in darkness.
  • If the Void farportal is not open, and the player has at least 55 Willpower, the player can resist for a moment.
    • If Aeryn is still alive, she will kill the player to stop the Distant Sun's plan, and the player will earn the achievement Last Instant of Sanity.
    • If Aeryn is dead, a Sher'Tul Godslayer, Caldizar, will appear in front of the player, take the Awakened Staff of Absorption from them, and attack them. The Rod of Recall is disabled at this point. With the player's mind burnt away, they will attack Caldizar, but he is invulnerable and can attack with an incredibly powerful Elemental Array Burst. When the player dies in battle, they will earn the achievement They Came Back For Eyal.

Else if the player was a Yeek, the Way will try to make the player sacrifice themself in the Void farportal to spread the Way to every sentient creature on Eyal through the farportal network.

  • The player can accept, forcefully bringing peace and happiness to all of Eyal (except the mages of Angolwen, who withstood the mental shock), and earning the achievement Triumph of the Way.
  • If the Void farportal is not open, Aeryn is still alive, and the player has at least 55 Willpower, the player can resist for a moment, letting Aeryn kill them and stop the Way's plans. This earns the player the achievement No Way!

Else, if the Void farportal is open, it needs to be closed to prevent the Creator from coming through. The player will find a note saying that the portal can only be closed with a sentient being's sacrifice.

  • The player can sacrifice themself, earning the achievement Selfless.
  • If Aeryn is still alive, the player can have her sacrifice herself. The player will earn the achievement The High Lady's destiny.

Otherwise, the Void farportal was not opened. So Aeryn and the player's job is done and they can leave. The player earns the achievement Evil denied.

Player deaths in any of these endings are permanent - the player cannot resurrect from them in any way.

Upon winning

After getting any of the previously-mentioned ending achievements, the player has won the game.

If Aeryn is still alive (i.e. she did not die before or during the fight, or sacrifice herself), the player will earn the achievement The Sun Still Shines.

If the player did not save any of Kroshkkur, Derth, the lost merchant, Melinda, or lady Aeryn, they will earn the achievement The True Coward. This is added by the Forbidden Cults expansion.

If the player started in the East (Var'Eyal) and never went West (to Maj'Eyal), they will earn the achievement Never Look Back And There Again.

The player will unlock the Adventurer bonus class. If they were playing on Nightmare difficulty, they will unlock Insane difficulty, and if they were playing on Insane, they will unlock Madness difficulty.

If the player wore a bikini or mankini for the whole game and never took it off, they will earn the achievement Bikining along! or Mankining it happen!, respectively.