Charred Scar

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Charred Scar
Guardian Fyrk, Faeros High Guard
Floors 1
Level Range 30 to 50
Item Level Range 4 to 5
Size 12x500
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Charred Scar is a zone in the Far East which reveals a major part of the main plot. You reach this zone by undergoing a few non-obvious steps:

  1. Clear any one of the Orc Pride zones.
  2. You will be told that the Staff has been seen, and that you should rush as quickly as possible to Eruan. (You do not actually have to go there quickly! The game doesn't keep track of time for that purpose.)
  3. Go to Eruan, and fight through Ritches and other enemies. At the end, you'll find a Sun Paladin guarding a portal. Put on your fire resistance gear, and then go through the portal.
  4. You'll be teleported to the Charred Scar.

This will start the The Doom of the world! quest.

The Charred Scar is special, in that once you arrive here, you have a timer counting down 550 turns. This is how long you have to reach the end of the zone, to interrupt the evil sorcerers' ritual. If you fail, things will be unpleasant. You must head South down a slightly winding tunnel. When you get to the end, you'll see the big baddies for a brief moment, before they flee, leaving you to deal with a henchman (Fyrk, a big fire elemental).

The entire zone is fire-themed. You will face fire drakes (hatchlings through wyrms) and fire elementals, predominantly. If you have a good movement infusion and remember to use it to pick up loot and dash between fights, you should be able reach the bottom of the map with one or two hundred turns on the timer to spare. A couple of high damage single and area of effect talents should allow you to quickly dispatch any foes along the way too. Given the map is only 500 squares from top to bottom, you can pace your progress if you care to keep track of it. Furthermore, the timer is removed as soon as you interrupt the sorcerers, so you will have plenty of time to deal with the boss.

Be warned: teleportation will not work normally here. Any talent that performs a teleport is prohibited from moving you southwards. As a result of this, random teleports (e.g. phased door rune) will almost certainly move you northwards, while directed teleports (e.g. Dimensional Step) will at best displace you sideways. However, there are a variety of talents that work similarly to teleporting, but which don't get messed up in this zone -- Giant Leap, Telekinetic Leap, Ghoulish Leap, Blindside, Shadowstep, Rush, Movement infusions, Lightning Speed, Oozewalk, and Stone walking should all work the way you want them to. (To do: add other talents and say whether they work or fail.)

Fire resistance will obviously help you, as you'll take a lot of fire damage here. Being able to shield or heal/regenerate it is important. Global speed and/or movement speed will help you get to the end of the tunnel in time (as well as helping you avoid many time- and life-consuming fights). For monsters that you do have to fight along the way, anything that lets you kill quickly is better than a prolonged fight.

Upon reaching the bottom, you will have to defeat the guardian Fyrk (or not), and then leave via the farportal. Go back to Gates of Morning and speak to Aeryn to complete the quest.

Completing the Charred Scar triggers the second and final store inventory restock.