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ToME Version: 1.7.4

Prodigies are powerful talents that you can acquire at experience levels 25 and 42. They can be learned by any character so long as their requirements are met, although some prodigies have special prerequisites that may be difficult or impossible for certain characters to obtain.

All prodigies require at least 50 points in their respective stat. Unless otherwise specified, once a prodigy is learned, it will always be available for use even if its requirements are no longer being satisfied. Prodigies can never be unlearned.

Class evolutions and race evolutions are special kinds of prodigies. You cannot take more than one evolution prodigy (class or race) on a single character.

Some requirements for prodigies are marked as "special". Generally, these are requirements for the completion of quests or other tasks that are specific to the main campaign (Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy). If you are instead playing Infinite Dungeon: The Neverending Descent or The Arena: Challenge of the Master, these requirements are waived. However, they are not waived when playing Orcs: Embers of Rage, so most of the prodigies with these requirements are unavailable in that campaign. On this page, these requirements are written in italics. The Lich and Fallen prodigies have a similar but different system, where each campaign can specify a requirement for the prodigy, and otherwise the requirement is waived. Currently only the main campaign specifies a requirement for them, so these requirements are waived in all other campaigns (including Embers of Rage).


Image Prodigy Prerequisite Cooldown Effect
Giant leap.png Giant Leap Deal 50k damage with weapons, shields or fists 20 turns Leap to any tile in sight within range 10.
Deal 200% weapon damage and daze all targets for 3 turns within radius 1 of landing spot. When you jump you free yourself from any stun, daze and pinning effects.
I can carry the world.png I Can Carry The World! Heavy Armour Training level 3 Passive Fatigue = 0%, Encumbrance +500, Strength +50, +1 Size Category.
Irresistible sun.png Irresistible Sun Deal 50k light or fire damage 25 turns For 8 turns, pull in creatures within radius 5, dealing (50 + (Str * 1.7)) damage per turn, divided evenly between fire/light/physical, and reducing their damage dealt by 30%.
Proximity boosts damage by up to +50%.
Legacy of the naloren.png Legacy of the Naloren Kill Ukllmswwik the Wise and don't kill Slasul (yet) Passive Gain water breathing, (0.1 * Character Level) talent points in Exotic Weapons Mastery and Spit Poison, and can recieve the Legacy of the Naloren trident artifact from Slasul.
Massive blow.png Massive Blow Dig 30 times
Deal 50k damage with 2H weapon
10 turns Attack for 150% weapon damage with 4 knockback.
If target hits wall, deal another 350% weapon damage, apply the counterstrike effect and smash down wall.
Pain enhancement system.png Pain enhancement system Earned the achievement Size Matters on this character
Level 30
Passive When you deal a critical hit your embedded system activates, increasing all your primary stats except Strength by 50% of your Strength for 6 turns.
Steamroller.png Steamroller Know Rush Passive Reduces Rush stamina cost to 2.
Kill a rushed target in 2 turns to reset Rush cooldown and gain +20% damage bonus for 2 turns.
Damage bonus stacks up to +100%.
Superpower.png Superpower None Passive Increase Mindpower by 60% of Strength.
Gain 40% Willpower damage modifier on all weapons.
You shall be my weapon.png You Shall Be My Weapon! Be size "big" or larger 10 turns Attack for 350% weapon damage and 5 knockback, stunning all in path of knockback for 3 turns.
Add +80% weapon damage per size category over "big".
Cannot be used if you are no longer size "big" or larger.


Image Prodigy Prerequisite Cooldown Effect
Automated reflex system.png Automated Reflex System Have gained the 'Matrix Style' achievement with this or any previous character for the current difficulty & permadeath settings.
Level 30
Passive When a projectile is about to hit you, you gain a free turn. Can Trigger every 5 turns
Crafty hands.png Crafty Hands Imbue Item level 5 Passive May imbue gems into helm and belt.
Flexible combat.png Flexible Combat None Passive 50% chance of unarmed strike on each melee attack.
Roll with it.png Roll With It Have been knocked back 50 times Sustained
10 turns
Gain 10–15% physical resist.
When hit by melee/archery, move back one tile and gain 200% movement speed for 1 turn.
Swift hands.png Swift Hands None 3 turns Swapping weapons ('q') takes no time.
Can prepare up to 4 tools, which you can use as if they were worn.
Through the crowd.png Through The Crowd Had 6 party members Sustained Swap places with friendly creatures in 1/10 turn.
Never damage allies or neutral creatures.
+10 all saves per friendly creature in sight.
+3 global speed per friendly creature in sight (max 15%)
Party members are automatically granted Through The Crowd.
Vital shot.png Vital Shot Deal 50k damage with ranged weapon 10 turns Deal 450% weapon damage plus 5 turn stun and cripple (combat speed -50%).
Windblade.png Windblade Deal 50k damage with dual weapons 12 turns Deal 320% weapon damage and 4 turn disarm in radius 4.
Windtouched speed.png Windtouched Speed 10 levels of Equilibrium using talents Passive Gain +20% global speed.
10% cooldown reduction
Does not trigger pressure traps.


Image Prodigy Prerequisite Cooldown Effect
Armour of shadows.png Armour of Shadows Deal 50k darkness damage Passive When on unlit tile, gain Max(30;Con/2) Armour, 50% Armour hardiness and 20% evasion.
Dealing darkness damage will unlight your tile and target's tile.
Passively increases your stealth by 30.
Bloodspring.png Bloodspring Let Melinda be sacrificed Passive
12 turns
When hit for 15% life, create 4-turn blood wave that knocks back.
Deals (100+(Con*3)) blight damage and heals your for half of damage dealt.
Corrupted shell.png Corrupted Shell Receive 3.5k blight damage
Completed The fall of Zigur quest
Grand Corruptor is still alive
Passive +500 Life, +20% armor hardiness, armor by +(Con/3.5) and +(Con/3) in defense and all saves
Draconic body.png Draconic Body Be a Wyrmic
Consume (Corrupted) Sandworm Heart
(Non-corrupted does not work if undead)
Consume Wyrm Bile
15 turns
When below 30% life, heal 40% life.
Eternal guard.png Eternal Guard Know Block Passive Block lasts 1 turn longer, and does not end when hit.
Fungal blood.png Fungal Blood Can use infusions Passive/Active Store fungal power when using infusions.
Activate to heal and remove magic effects using fungal power.
Never stop running.png Never Stop Running 20 levels of stamina using talents Sustained
8 turns
Spend 12 stamina per tile to move without taking time.
Spine of the world.png Spine of the World None Passive When hit by physical effect, gain 5-turn physical effect immunity.
Subcutaneous metallisation.png Subcutaneous Metallisation Thick Skin 5 Passive
12 turns
When below 50% of your total life, all damage done to you is reduced by a flat amount equal to 100% of your Constitution for 6 turns.


Image Prodigy Prerequisite Cooldown Effect
Aether permeation.png Aether Permeation Have been exposed to the void of space (Visited Abashed Expanse, Fearscape, Fearscape (Tannen), Orbital Fearscape Platform, Searing Halls, or Anteroom of Agony) Sustained
20 turns
While sustained, +40 raw spellpower.
While sustained, if you would be affected by a dispel, you are protected from the dispel and any further dispels for 6 turns, and this spell is unsustained.
Arcane amplification drone.png Arcane Amplification Drone Have gained the 'Tales of the Spellblaze' achievement with this or any previous character for the current difficulty & permadeath settings 10 turns You create an Arcane Amplification Drone at the selected location for 3 turns. When you cast a spell that damages the drone it will ripple the damage as 130% arcane damage of the initial hit in radius 4.
Arcane might.png Arcane Might None Passive Adds 50% magic modifier to equipped weapons; increases raw physical power by 100% of your raw spellpower. Additionally, increases physical critical chance by 25% of your bonus spell critical chance.
Blighted summoning.png Blighted Summoning Summoned 100 times
Some more permanent summons count as more than 1:
Doomed Shadows and Lich Shadows count as 2
Worms that Walk and Mecharachnids count as 12 when initially summoned
Alchemist Golems count as 100 when initially summoned
Passive Your golem or summoned creatures gain talents, and bonus spellpower equal to your Magic.
Cauterize.png Cauterize Receive 7.5k fire damage
Cast 1,000 spells
12 turns
If Life < 0, absorb all damage this turn, burn for 8 turns.
Take 10% of absorbed damage per turn that cannot be reduced.
Displace damage.png Ethereal Form Have an effective defense of at least 40 Passive Gain 25% absolute damage reduction and 25% all damage penetration, which decrease when hit by weapons. Also gain 70% of your Magic or Dexterity stat as defense.
Vulnerability poison.png Mystical Cunning Know traps or poisons Passive Gain 1.0 mastery in Cunning/Poisons and Cunning/Trapping. Reduce Venomous Strike cooldown by 3 and Lure cooldown by 5. Can use Vulnerability Poison and make Gravitic Traps.
Revisionist history.png Revisionist History Have time-traveled
(Used Timeport: Point Zero, or used a talent that splits the timeline)
30 turns Start 20-turn alternative timeline
Any time during this, using the Unfold History skill returns you to when History was used.
Temporal form.png Temporal Form Cast 1,000 spells
Visited Temporal Rift or Paradox Plane,
or used Timeport: Point Zero
30 turns Become a telugoroth for 10 turns.


Image Prodigy Prerequisite Cooldown Effect
Draconic will.png Draconic Will Be a Wyrmic
Consume (Corrupted) Sandworm Heart
(Non-corrupted does not work if undead)
Consume Wyrm Bile
15 turns Prevent all negative effects for 5 turns.
Garkuls revenge.png Garkul's Revenge Learned all Garkul lore
Wear Garkul's Teeth
Wear Steel Helm of Garkul
Passive +1,000% damage to constructs, +20% damage to humanoids and giants.
Hidden resources.png Hidden Resources "That was close" achievement 15 turns Talents use 0 resources for 5 turns.
Prevents talent failures (e.g. from Equilibrium or Crippling Poison), except from effects that specifically cause spell failure (e.g. Spell Feedback).
Lucky day.png Lucky Day Have at least +5 Luck
(above the baseline 50 Luck, so at least 55 Luck)
Passive +40 Luck
10% to move out of the way of every attack.
Mental tyranny.png Mental Tyranny Deal 50k mind damage Sustained
20 turns
Convert 33% damage to mind damage
+30% mind resistance penetration
+10% mind damage.
Meteoric crash.png Meteoric Crash A meteor has crashed, from any of the following:

The player doesn't need to actually see it happen. Needs verification

15 turns
Spell and mind attacks trigger meteor.
Deals (100 + 5 * Mindpower or Spellpower) damage split between fire/physical and stuns for 3 turns.
Turn ground into lava for 8 turns
Sets your fire damage bonus and penetration to your highest damage bonus and penetration.
Range amplification device.png Range Amplification Device Have a light radius of 10 or more Sustained
10 turns
Activate a special focusing device that extends all your ranged spells and psionic powers range by 3 (max 10). Increases fatigue by 20% while active.
Spell feedback.png Spell Feedback Antimagic Passive
9 turns
When hit by spell damage, retaliate with (20 + 2 * Wil) mind damage
Also inflict 35% spell failure for cooldown duration of that spell.
Unbreakable will.png Unbreakable Will None Passive
5 turns
Automatically cures Mental effects while not on cooldown.


Image Prodigy Prerequisite Cooldown Effect
Adept.png Adept None Passive You are adept at many different skills, granting you +1.5 to all known talent levels.
Elemental surge.png Elemental Surge Deal 10k arcane, fire, cold, lightning, light or nature damage Passive
10 turns
Automatically releases elemental blasts of damage, also granting buffs for 2-3 terms. The blasts are charged by dealing elemental damage and each element has a separate cooldown.
Endless woes.png Endless Woes Deal 10k acid, blight, darkness, mind or temporal damage Passive
10 turns
Automatically releases magic blasts of damage, also inflicting debuffs for 5 turns. The blasts are charged by dealing magic damage and each element has a separate cooldown.
Eye of the tiger.png Eye of the Tiger None Passive Critical hits reduce talent cooldowns. Does not affect Demented talents.
Master of Disasters.png Master of Disasters None Passive Causing one cross-tier effect causes the other two. Your physical, steam, spell, and mind powers are all increased.
Secrets of telos.png Secrets of Telos Possess Telos's Staff Crystal
Possess Telos's Staff (Top Half)
Possess Telos's Staff (Bottom Half)
Passive Assembles the Telos Spire of Power.
Tricks of the trade.png Tricks of the Trade Side with Assassin Lord in Trapped! quest Passive +0.2 mastery in Cunning/Stealth (if unlocked) or unlock at mastery 1.0 (if locked)
+0.1 mastery in Cunning/Scoundrel (if unlocked) or unlock at mastery 0.9 (if locked or not known)
Invisibility damage penalty is halved.
Tricky defenses.png Tricky Defenses Antimagic Passive Antimagic Shield absorbs 10–50%cSS:Cun more damage
Worldly knowledge.png Worldly Knowledge None Passive Learn a new talent category and unlock it at 1.0 mastery and gain 5 generic talent points.
Can learn any Escort category with the same conditions

Class Evolution

This is a new class of prodigies available only for specific classes. They are specific prodigies that diversify a class into a specific direction, unlocking multiple categories and enabling others as locked. This feature has been first introduced in 1.6.1.

Image Prodigy Class Prerequisite Cooldown Effect
Fallen.png Fallen Sun Paladin Unlocked the Fallen Evolution
Committed a heinous act: (Only required if playing main campaign)
i.e. Didn't save the merchant OR Let Melinda die OR Sided with the Grand Corruptor OR Killed an escort yourself OR Let all 20 lumberjacks die OR Won the Ring of Blood fight
50 Willpower, 25 Magic
Passive Lose the Shield Offense and Two-handed Assault talent categories, and get a refund for any talent or category points spent on them.
Swap Radiance for Gloom, Guardian for Crimson Templar, and Crusader for Dark Sun. Talent points are refunded, category points are transferred to the new categories.
Learn the Bloodstained, Darkside, Hatred, and Dirge talent categories, and get 1 point in Dirge Acolyte and Self-Sacrifice.
Your Combat Techniques cost hate instead of stamina, and your Combat Veteran talents restore hate in addition to stamina.
Avatar of a distant sun.png Avatar of a Distant Sun Sun Paladin Unlocked the Avatar of a Distant Sun Evolution
Did not anger the Distant Sun during the conversation that occurs when trying to take the prodigy
50 Strength, 25 Magic
Know Sun's Vengeance, Weapon of Light, Searing Sight, and Judgement
Passive Can wield a 2-handed weapon in main hand
50% Light damage conversion on all damage you deal
Learn Gravitic Effulgence, which makes Weapon of Light deal damage in a radius 2 sphere and pull in all foes in range 5
Searing Sight damage and effect chance doubled
Triggering Sun's Vengeance reduces Judgement's remaining cooldown by 6
If you also know Irresistible Sun, it will set the fire and light resistances of those affected to 0%
High thaumaturgist.png High Thaumaturgist Archmage Unlocked the High Thaumaturgist Evolution, 50 Magic, 25 Willpower Passive Flame, Manathrust, Lightning, Pulverizing Auger, and Ice Shards become 3-wide beams.
Gain the Thaumaturgy class talent category.
You cannot use your High Thaumaturgist abilities if you are wearing anything heavier than cloth.
Technomancer.png Technomancer(Class Evolution) Archmage Unlocked the Technomancer Evolution, 50 Magic, 25 Cunning Passive Gain: Arcane Dynamo Tinker Schematic, gain physics unlocked, gain chemistry locked, gain an Automated Portable Extractor, gain 1 point in smith, 2 points in mechanical, 2 points in electricity, gain Galvanic Technomancy, Terrene Technomancy and Occult Technomancy locked and unlock one of them.

Race Evolution

This class of prodigies was first introduced in 1.7.0. Previously, Rak'Shor's Cunning was an ordinary prodigy, and you became a lich via the quest From Death, Life and talent Lichform, with no prodigy involved.

Image Prodigy Prerequisite Cooldown Effect
Lich.png Lich Know a necromancy talent
Not already undead
50 Magic
25 Willpower
Completed From Death, Life (Only required if playing main campaign)
Passive The next time you die, you rise again as a Lich. As a Lich, you gain the following:
Immune to poisons, diseases, fear, cuts, and stuns.
20% cold and darkness resistance.
+12 Magic, Willpower, and Cunning, 60% crit shrug, +4 life rating (not retroactive), +35 spell and mental saves and 7 mana regeneration.
The Lich racial talent category, and 1 point in Neverending Unlife.

As a Lich you are undead and cannot use Infusions.

Rakshor cunning.png Rak'Shor's Cunning Skeleton and Ghoul unlocked
Not already undead
Not Antimagic
Consumed Blood of Undeath
50 Cunning
Passive If you die you will have the option to raise back from the dead once, but at the cost of becoming a ghoul or a skeleton (you can choose which).
You keep access to your original racial talent category, and you also gain access to the ghoul or skeleton racial talent category, starting with 2 points in each talent.
As an undead, you can no longer use infusions.
If you become a skeleton, you are treated as having already used the revive from Re-assemble.