Lich (talent)

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Game Version 1.7.4
Category Type Prodigies
Category Magic
Requirements Willpower 25
Magic 50
Not already undead
Know a necromancy talent
(Only required when playing Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy) Completed From Death, Life
Use Mode Passive
Cost -
Range -
Cooldown -
Travel Speed -
Use Speed -
Description This is your true goal and the purpose of all necromancy - to become a powerful and everliving Lich!

Once learnt, the next time you are killed, the arcane forces you unleash will be able to rebuild your body into the desired Lichform.

Liches are immune to poisons, diseases, fear, cuts, stuns, do not need to breath and are 20% resistant to cold and darkness.

Liches also gain +12 Magic, Willpower and Cunning, 60% chance to ignore critical hits, +4 life rating (not retroactive), +35 spell and mental saves and 7 mana regeneration.

Liches gain a new racial tree with the following talents:

  • Neverending Unlife: A Lich body is extremely resilient, being able to go into negative life and when destroyed it can regenerate itself.
  • Frightening Presence: Your mere presence is enough to shatter the resolve of most, reducing their saves, damage and movement speed.
  • Doomed for Eternity: As a creature of doom and despair you now constantly spawn undead shadows around you.
  • Commander of the Dead: You are able to infuse all undead party members (including yourself) with un-natural power, increasing your physical and spellpower.

Note: If you are unable to use any form of resurrection (e.g. in the Arena campaign), then you will immediately become a Lich upon learning the prodigy.

If you have any other means of revival after taking this talent, on your next death you will not have the option of using them and will become a Lich instead. If you have the Blood of Life status from quaffing the item, it will be removed when you become a Lich.

On rebirth, your souls, health, and mana are restored to full.