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A quest given to Necromancers at the start of the game (if they can become a Lich, i.e. not immune to necromancy and not already undead), and other characters upon reaching raw talent level 5 in Blurred Mortality (without addons, apart from Necromancers, this is only possible for Adventurers or Wanderers). It is exclusive to the Age of Ascendancy campaign. In this campaign, it is a prerequisite for the Lich race evolution Prodigy. Prior to version 1.7.0, it was a prerequisite for the Lichform talent.

Quest Goals

  • The ceremony will require that you are worthy, experienced, and possessed of a certain amount of power.
    • This is satisfied upon meeting the non-quest requirements for the first level of lichform: character level 20 and 40 Magic.
  • The beating heart of a powerful necromancer.
  • The ceremony will require a suitable location, secluded and given to the channeling of energy.