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Metaclass Mage
Locked Yes
Starting Life 90
Life Rating -3
Stat Modifiers
Strength 0
Dexterity 0
Constitution 0
Magic +5
Willpower +3
Cunning +1

Necromancer is a class introduced in the base game. It must be unlocked by killing the necromancer Celia in the Last Hope Graveyard, after reading all 4 parts of the lore "how to be a necromancer". (The player can read them in the Sher'Tul Fortress's library after finding them on a previous character.)

Locked Description

The road to necromancy is a macabre path indeed.

Walk with the dead, and drink deeply of their black knowledge.


While most magic is viewed with suspicion since the Spellblaze, the stigma surrounding the black art of Necromancy has been around since time immemorial.

These dark spellcasters extinguish life, twist death, and raise armies of undead monsters to sate their lust for power and pursue their ultimate goal: Eternal life.

Their most important stats are: Magic and Willpower

Starting Equipment

  • Elm starstaff
  • Linen robe
  • Manasurge Rune (Increases mana regeneration by 820% for 10 turns and instantly restores 41 mana, 15 turn cooldown)

Starting Quest

Starting Talents

Talent Categories

Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Spell Master of Bones 1.3 No Call of the Crypt Shattered Remains Assemble Lord of Skulls
Spell Master of Flesh 1.3 No Call of the Mausoleum Corpse Explosion Putrescent Liquefaction Discarded Refuse
Spell Nightfall 1.3 No Invoke Darkness Night Sphere Erupting Shadows River of Souls
Spell Dreadmaster 1.3 No Dread Souleater Neverending Peril Dreadmaster
Spell Grave 1.3 No Black Ice Chill of the Tomb Corpselight Grave Mistake
Spell Glacial Waste 1.3 No Hiemal Shield Desolate Waste Crumbling Earth Bleak Guard
Spell Animus 1.3 No Soul Leech Consume Soul Torture Souls Reaping
Spell Death 1.3 No Rigor Mortis Drawn To Death Grim Shadow Utterly Destroyed
Spell Master Necromancer 1.3 Yes Aura of Undeath Surge of Undeath Recall Minions Suffer For Me
Spell Age of Dusk 1.3 Yes Dire Plague Crepuscule The End of All Hope Golden Age of Necromancy
Spell Rime Wraith 1.3 Yes Rime Wraith Frigid Plunge Gelid Host Permafrost
Spell Eradication 1.3 Yes Boneyard To The Grave Impending Doom Eternal Night
Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Cunning Survival 1.0 No Heightened Senses Device Mastery Track Danger Sense
Spell Necrosis 1.3 No Blurred Mortality Across the Veil Runeskin Spikes of Decrepitude
Spell Spectre 1.3 No Ghost Walk Spectral Sight Intangibility Path to Beyond
Undead Lich 1.0 Yes Neverending Unlife Frightening Presence Doomed For Eternity Commander of the Dead


Classes with a non-white background need to be unlocked or may have other requirements
Warrior Rogue Mage Afflicted Defiler Celestial Wilder Chronomancer Psionic Adventurer Tinker Demented
Bulwark Rogue Alchemist Cursed Reaver Anorithil Summoner Paradox Mage Mindslayer Adventurer Sawbutcher Writhing One
Berserker Shadowblade Archmage Doomed Corruptor Sun Paladin Wyrmic Temporal Warden Solipsist Wanderer Gunslinger Cultist of Entropy
Archer Marauder Necromancer Doombringer Stone Warden Possessor Psyshot
Arcane Blade Skirmisher Demonologist Oozemancer Annihilator