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Metaclass Adventurer (Metaclass)
Locked No
Starting Life 100
Life Rating +2
Stat Modifiers
Strength +2
Dexterity +2
Constitution +2
Magic +2
Willpower +2
Cunning +2

Wanderer is a class introduced in the base game. It must be unlocked by exiting the Ambush that Ukruk the Fierce springs on you after Dreadfell. It will be unlocked regardless of whether you defeat Ukruk or are defeated.

Random bosses cannot be Wanderers.


Wanderers are adventurers who embrace the chaotic nature of the world. They start the game with the Combat Training talent tree, 3 random class trees and 1 random generic tree.

Every 5 levels they gain a new unlocked class tree, at random.

Every 10 levels starting at level 2 they gain a new unlocked generic tree, at random.

This is a bonus class for the chaotically inclined. It is by no means balanced, fun or winnable, it is most of all RANDOM.

Their most important stats depend on what they get to do.

Starting Equipment

  • Iron dagger x2
  • Iron longsword x2
  • Iron greatsword
  • Elm staff
  • Mossy mindstar x2
  • Iron shield x2
  • Iron gauntlets
  • Rough leather gloves
  • Rough leather armour
  • Linen robe
  • Manasurge rune
  • Elm longbow
  • Quiver of elm arrows
  • Rough leather sling
  • Pouch of iron shots
  • Linen cloak

Starting Points and Talent Trees, and Further Talent Trees

  • You start with 3 extra class talent points (5 total), 2 extra generic talent points (3 total), and 3 category points.
  • You start with Combat Training unlocked at mastery level 1.0.
  • You start with 3 random class talent trees unlocked, and 1 random generic talent tree unlocked (all at mastery level 1.0).
  • Every 5 levels you gain one more random unlocked class tree.
  • Every 10 levels, starting at level 2, you gain one more random unlocked generic tree.
    • Wanderers can only roll talent trees from classes that can appear on random bosses. This means that they cannot roll talent trees that are exclusive to Possessors. As an exception, they can roll talent trees that are exclusive to Stone Wardens, but only if they are a member of the Dwarf metarace (a Dwarf or Drem).
    • Wanderers can only roll talent trees from classes that the player has unlocked, and they cannot roll talent trees that the player has not unlocked yet.

Wanderer Seed

When you start playing a Wanderer, a dialog will appear and ask you to choose a Wanderer Seed. The Wanderer Seed is used as the random seed for determining what random talent trees you will learn, and the order that you will learn them. You can let a seed be chosen at random, or you can input a seed. If you use the same seed as someone else, you will receive the same talent trees as them (in the same order), as long as you and them use the same DLC/addons. (Only addons that add talent trees will affect this.) Since Dwarves and Drems can roll Stone Warden talents (and other races cannot), the results of a seed will be different for them than for the other races.

You can view your Wanderer Seed in your character sheet. If you click on the seed, it will be automatically copied to your clipboard.


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