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The Demonologist was added in the Ashes of Urh'Rok expansion, along with the Doombringer. It must be unlocked.

Metaclass Defiler
Locked Yes
Starting Life 118
Life Rating +2
Stat Modifiers
Strength +3
Dexterity 0
Constitution +2
Magic +4
Willpower 0
Cunning 0

Locked Description

Most simply run, but I understand: a distant planet, ravaged and damned. Burnt creations seek righteous vengeance, Urh'Rok's ashes, now destruction's engines. Harness their power! Capture and take! I call on you, demons -- UNLEASH THE FLAMES!


Contrary to popular beliefs, Demonologists are not the pawns of demons, they enact pacts with them, but always very carefully. They use those demonic powers for their own purpose, often evil, but a few have been known to use demonic powers to fight demons.

Demonologists are melee fighters, bashing foes' skulls with their shields while calling down rains of fire and darkness.

The most important stats are Strength and Magic

Starting Equipment

  • Iron Longsword
  • Iron Shield
  • Iron Mail Armour

Starting Talents

Talent Categories

Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Technique Shield offense 1.3 No Shield Pummel Riposte Shield Slam Assault
Techniques Combat Techniques 1.1 No Rush Precise Strikes Perfect Strike Blinding Speed
Corruption Shadowflame 1.3 No Wraithform Darkfire Flame of Urh'Rok Fearscape
Corruption Demonic Pact 1.3 No Demon Seed Bind Demon Twisted Portal Suffuse Life
Corruption Infernal Combat 1.3 No Flame Leash Demon Blade Link of Pain Demon Horns
Corruption Doom Shield 1.3 No Osmosis Shield Hardened Core Demonic Madness Blighted Shield
Corruption Doom Covenant 1.3 Yes Dark Reign Dread End Blood Pact Erupting Darkness
Corruption Spellblaze 1.3 Yes Rain of fire Only Ashes Left Shattered Mind Tale of Destruction
Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Techniques Combat Training 1.0 No Thick Skin Armour Training Combat Accuracy Weapons Mastery Dagger Mastery
Cunning Survival 1.0 No Heightened Senses Device Mastery Track Danger Sense
Corruption Torment 1.3 No Willful Tormenter Blood Lock Overkill Blood Vengeance
Corruption Black-Magic 1.3 No Bleak Outcome Stripped Life Grim Future Ominous Shadow


Classes with a non-white background need to be unlocked or may have other requirements
Warrior Rogue Mage Afflicted Defiler Celestial Wilder Chronomancer Psionic Tinker Demented
Bulwark Rogue Alchemist Cursed Reaver Anorithil Summoner Paradox Mage Mindslayer Sawbutcher Writhing One
Berserker Shadowblade Archmage Doomed Corruptor Sun Paladin Wyrmic Temporal Warden Solipsist Gunslinger Cultist of Entropy
Archer Marauder Necromancer Doombringer Stone Warden Possessor Psyshot
Arcane Blade Skirmisher Demonologist Oozemancer Annihilator