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Metaclass Rogue
Locked Yes
Starting Life 100
Life Rating +0
Stat Modifiers
Strength +4
Dexterity +4
Constitution 0
Magic 0
Willpower 0
Cunning +1

Marauder is a class introduced in the base game. It must be unlocked by doing over 600 damage in a single hit as a Rogue or Shadowblade. It is linked to the Size matters achievement, and so it cannot be unlocked on Easier mode, which lacks achievements.

Locked Description

I will not hide and I will not sneak -

come dance with my blades and we'll see who's weak.

Snapping bone and cracking skull,

it's the sounds of battle that make life full!

New Class Unlocked Description

Some rogues live by strength rather than cunning, relying on vicious attacks instead of stealth and subterfuge. These bandits maraud the land, lightly armoured and wielding dual weapons, taking what they can by force.

You have learned the value in causing sheer damage in combat and now can create characters with the Marauder class.

Marauders are highly mobile rogues with a range of dextrous techniques and tactics at their disposal. Class features:

  • Move with ease around the battlefield, dancing around your foes and avoiding their attacks.
  • Weild dual weapons and unleash devastating techniques on your opponents.
  • Rely on pure thuggery to cripple your enemies before taking them down.

Marauders use stamina to fuel their techniques, which replenish slowly over time.


The wilds of Maj'Eyal are not a safe place. Untamed beasts and wandering dragons may seem a great threat, but the true perils walk on two legs. Thieves and brigands, assassins and opportunistic adventurers, even mad wizards and magic-hating zealots all carry danger to those who venture beyond the safety of city walls.

Amidst this chaos wanders one class of rogue that has learned to take by force rather than subterfuge. With refined techniques, agile feats and brawn-backed blades the Marauder seeks out his targets and removes them by the most direct methods. He uses dual weapons backed by advanced combat training to become highly effective in battle, and he is unafraid to use the dirtiest tactics when the odds are against him.

Their most important stats are: Strength, Dexterity and Cunning

Starting Equipment

  • Iron Dagger
  • Iron Dagger
  • Rough Leather Armor
  • Iron Helm

Starting Talents


Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Technique Dual Techniques 1.3 No Dual Strike Flurry Heartseeker Whirlwind
Technique Combat Techniques 1.3 No Rush Precise Strikes Perfect Strike Blinding Speed
Technique Combat Veteran 1.0 No Quick Recovery Fast Metabolism Spell Shield Unending Frenzy
Technique Throwing Knives 1.0 No Throwing Knives Fan of Knives Precise Aim Quickdraw
Technique Duelist 1.3 No Dual Weapon Mastery Tempo Feint Lunge
Cunning Dirty Fighting 1.3 No Dirty Fighting Backstab Blinding Powder Twist the Knife
Technique Battle Tactics 1.3 Yes Greater Weapon Focus Step Up Bleeding Edge True Grit
Technique Bloodthirst 1.0 Yes Bloodbath Mortal Terror Bloodrage Unstoppable
Cunning Poisons * 1.0 Yes Apply Poison Toxic Death Vile Poisons Venomous Strike
Cunning Tactical 1.3 Yes Tactical Expert Counter Attack Set Up Exploit Weakness
Type Name Mastery Locked Talents
Technique Combat Training 1.3 No Thick Skin Heavy Armour Training Light Armour Training
Combat Accuracy Weapons Mastery Dagger Mastery
Technique Mobility 1.3 No Disengage Evasion Tumble Trained Reactions
Technique Thuggery 1.3 No Skullcracker Riot-born Vicious Strikes Total Thuggery
Technique Conditioning 1.3 No Vitality Daunting Presence Unflinching Resolve Adrenaline Surge
Cunning Survival 1.3 No Heightened Senses Device Mastery Track Danger Sense

(*) Requires siding with the Assassin Lord in the current or any previous playthroughs.


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