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Guardian Ukruk the Fierce
Floors 1
Level Range 20 to 50
Item Level Range 3 to 4
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

After defeating The Master, if you leave the tower (either with stairs or the Rod of Recall), you will be "Ambushed" by Ukruk and several dozen orcs, including archers. To survive the fight, you will need high physical resist/armor or dodge.

The game expects you to die here, so dying will not cost you a life (you will be left alone with 1 Life and a damage shield). However, it is possible to kill Ukruk and win. However, be careful if you kill Ukruk because after you kill him, if you die to the other orcs, the game treats it as a death and will remove one of your lives.

Defeating Ukruk will give you the achievement "Against All Odds".