Rime wraith (talent)

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Rime Wraith
Rime wraith.png
Game Version 1.7.4
Category Type Spell
Category Rime Wraith
Requirements Level (10,11,12,13,14) Magic (22,24,26,28,30)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 15 Mana, 3 Souls
Range 10
Cooldown 30 (fixed cooldown)
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Spell
Description You summon a Rime Wraith inside of you, an intangible creature, that haunts both foes and allies for 10–20cTS turns.

Every turn the wraith will select a new target and jump to it.

When the wraith enters a creature they are covered in hoarfrost for 3 turns:

  • if friendly: increases cold resistance by 5–15%cTS, converts all damage done to cold and increases cold damage by 12–30%cTS.
  • if hostile: reduces cold resistance by 5–15%cTS and move 20–40%cTS slower

When selecting a target the wraith prefers one that is not affected by hoarfrost if possible.